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10 Must Listens of the OOH Insider Podcast

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What's going on in the exciting and evolving world of out-of-home marketing? So much it can be tough to keep up – but not when you tune in to our very own Chief Strategist, Tim Rowe's, OOH Insider Podcast.

Tim's podcast is packed with actionable information and entertaining insights you won't find anywhere else.

To get you started, we've curated our 10 must-listen-to episodes.

Listen and learn what makes our OOH culture so remarkable, how OOH leaders are driving the industry forward and how technology is revolutionizing the OOH advertising landscape.

Culture that's so cool it's hot

OOH is so creative, some folks might say we're a bit "out there." But out there with OOH is exactly where you want to be.

#1 Meet “The Billboard Guys”

Travel back in time to the 1980s, when unemployment and mortgage rates were both high, and meet the three guys who literally climbed up to meet a local radio station’s challenge: who could live on a billboard longest to win a new mobile home? Not just any billboard, of course – this one promoted the station's dramatic programming switch from country to big band. Why just put up a billboard when you can turn it into a live-action event? Hear how this "lightning in a bottle" billboard promotion captured infinite national (and international) media attention.

#2 Sign O' The Times

This episode features Robert Landau, Photographer and Author of Rock 'n' Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip, and Peter Spirer, Director and Producer at Rugged Entertainment, offering the inside scoop on their film Sign O' The Times. The documentary depicts billboards as conversation starters, offering opportunities for brands, entertainers and artists to make a unique impact and connection with their audiences.

Leading the way, from the top

We all know that truly inspired innovation requires active C-level support. Hear from OOH leaders who are industry influencers.

#3 Cultivating Agency Leadership

Mahlmann-Media CEO, Glyn Williams, says OOH is a real estate business at heart. It's all about location, location, location. . . Agency leaders focused on growth can achieve more by creating a collaborative environment that pulls the entire team into decision-making. Check out this episode to learn about OOH marketing best practices and how to cultivate agency leadership motions. More brain-power, more "out there" thinking that drives greater creativity.

#4 Build Your OOH Social Media Presence

In this episode, Phoenix Social Founder and CEO talks with our own Tim Rowe about the how marketers are using programmatic advertising at the confluence of OOH and social media to boost overall brand presence and channel-specific campaigns. Even smaller companies can take advantage of the opportunities (and resulting and analytics) to grow, once they understand how to combine digital assets with OOH.   

#5 Brian Rappaport, A Year in Review

Want to make a splash and make something happen at the same time? Listen in as clever OOH marketer (and Founder/CEO of Quan Media Group) Brian Rappaport describes how he and a bunch of friends in the OOH industry pitched in to help The Barstool Fund raise $30 million dollars to support small and medium-sized businesses. Quan has been up to more than that, though, so you'll hear even more about how giving-back projects and OOH marketing can boost your brand in more ways than one.

#6 On Being a Billboard Owner

GREY Outdoor is one of the fastest growing independent outdoor media operators in North Carolina. Hear how owner Grey Vick used his real estate know-how to morph from "beachside bachelor" to OOH tycoon. In this podcast, he explains how he was introduced to billboards, how he believes billboards benefits clients (including some real success stories) and where he thinks the industry is headed.

Data & Tech talk

#7 Consumer Data Deception

What going on with your data?! You need information about your audience to refine your targeting, but data privacy is trending strongly with consumers and marketers alike – regulators, too. So how do you navigate these potentially treacherous waters safely and successfully? Learn from an expert — Neil Sweeney, Founder and CEO of Reklaim. "Keep moving, keep innovating," he says, and he'll tell you how.


Apple #iOS14 updates, Google Chrome updates, increasing concern surrounding data consent — what does it all mean for OOH? Ian Dallimore, Vice President of Digital Growth & GM of #Programmatic at Lamar Advertising Company, explains why static #billboards are so important to your marketing mix and how to properly position OOH within your mix, and he recaps current conversation taking place at both local and national levels.


Digital can be dizzying, one reason OOH is rapidly growing with multi-channel marketers. But how do you know it's working? That’s where Amanda Dorenberg comes in. As President of COMMB, the Canadian Out-of-Home Marketing & Measurement Bureau, she's all about helping the industry understand the relationship between measurement and marketing and the best practices that are driving industry-wide growth. What she has to say will affect your business, right down to the bottom line.


As a serial entrepreneur, Brent Thompson started out building and automating processes to boost computer and operator efficiency. But then he got the bigger picture — a huge digital billboard, to be precise — and Blip Billboards was born. His focus? Making digital billboards accessible to small businesses as well as the Big Boys. Don't miss this story that is truly an ode to billboards.

Stay tuned-in

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