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HappyNest CRO Jeanne Hopkins Joins OneScreen.ai Advisory Board

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Jeanne Hopkins brings 30 years of customer-centric sales and marketing expertise to grow the first AI-powered offline media marketplace.

EAST GREENWICH, R.I. and NEEDHAM, Mass. — March 25, 2021 – Jeanne Hopkins, Chief Revenue Officer of HappyNest, the tech-enabled laundry pickup and delivery service, has joined the advisory board of OneScreen.ai.

"I've respected and admired Jeanne's leadership for the past decade, dating back to when I worked for her at HubSpot and continuing under her mentorship ever since," said Sam Mallikarjunan, OneScreen.ai co-founder and CEO. “Having her join OneScreen.ai's advisory board is invaluable. We're building something just as odd sounding as 'inbound marketing' was back in the day, and I'm looking forward to once again learning from Jeanne's expertise and benefitting from her guidance as a sales and marketing leader."

Famously known in Boston tech for building revenue via highly customer-centric demand generation programs, Jeanne is backed with 30 years of expertise in marketing technology and data. During the early days of HubSpot, Jeanne helped the company land on the number two spot on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies by generating 50,000 net new leads per month.

"Every year, billions of dollars are spent on advertising in the U.S.," said Jeanne Hopkins.

"The growth opportunity for OneScreen.ai is tremendous, and I am excited to be part of the advisory board to help connect marketers with small business customers through its real-time, highly targeted, ad marketplace."

Jeanne has been CMO at travel management software company, Lola.com, Ipswitch (now Progress), SmartBear, and Continuum (now ConnectWise) and has held other executive marketing positions at Symmetricom (now Microsemi) and MarketingSherpa. Prior to HappyNest, she was CRO at custom sports apparel provider, SquadLocker.

Jeanne has served as an advisor at numerous companies and is also currently advising Below the Fold, USEFULL (formerly Coffee Cup Collective), and Rank the Vote.

Jeanne loves educating the masses as a frequent speaker at industry events and is a social media powerhouse with 86,000 @jeannehopkins followers on Twitter and nearly 10,000 on LinkedIn. She is the co-author of "Go Mobile," a top-selling mobile marketing book on Amazon.

About OneScreen.ai

Founded by former executives and alumni from Google, HubSpot, and Wayfair, OneScreen.ai is solving the dilemma of rising online ad costs and declining ROI by unleashing experiences in the real world. OneScreen.ai's AI-powered market network transforms out-of-home advertising – from billboards and buses to wrapped cars and connected TV – into a measurable medium where brands and ideal audiences connect. The OneScreen.ai way leaves everyone a winner: marketers, businesses, and customers.

About HappyNest

HappyNest is a convenient, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and fast pickup and delivery laundry service sweeping the U.S. The company’s mobile app links consumers to reputable area laundromats for on-demand, customizable, next-day service. With the decline in the laundry services market due to the economic slowdown, HappyNest is giving new life to laundromat owners and their highly efficient washers and dryers that use 40% less energy than household appliances that would otherwise sit idle. HappyNest is a no brainer for consumers who would rather spend time doing what they love. Check availability in your area at www.happynest.com or call 855-335-9274. Follow on LinkedIn.


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