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How the OneScreen Market Network Works for Marketers

Odds are good that you aren't deeply familiar with "Out-of-Home" (OOH) marketing.

We weren't when we started!

Odds are also good that you aren't deeply familiar with "Market Networks" or SaaS-Enabled Marketplaces. They aren't very common.

So, on this page, we're going to explain the OOH industry and how our Market Network is going to change the way marketers think about performance acquisition and growth.

We're marketers like you. We're all tired of running our 5,000th A/B test on AdWords. But we also need to be able to justify our marketing investments and create a feedback loop that enables us to optimize our campaigns over time.

That's what we're building. We want to save marketers from spending their lives in spreadsheets and unleash data-enabled creativity on the largest canvas in the world: The real world itself.

Marketing Technology Landscape

What is a "Market Network"?

We started this company accidentally. Originally, we were just trying to create a "Google Display Network for Small Businesses" to help them survive the lockdowns and reduced capacity requirements due to COVID-19.

(To learn more about that story, click here)

It turns out that what we were trying to build already existed, but it was called "Place-Based" advertising -- a subset of Out-of-Home advertising.

Market Network - NFX EssayIt fit perfectly with a TechCrunch article from 2015 where James Currier from NFX Capital introduced the idea of "Market Networks" (click here to read the original article).

If the biggest issue is knowing what's possible and deciding who to work with, you need a searchable network directory. Not all agencies, data partners, or inventory are created equal. Based on who you're trying to reach and the outcome you're solving for, the Network Directory helps you discover and select which companies and products you should use.

Once you have that, you need to be able to transact with all of the suppliers you need to have a "complete product" you can buy. Not just inventory, but also creative services or even something as simple as printing. We take it for granted that we can buy from Amazon and UPS on the same website even though they're different companies, but that's never been possible with OOH — until now.

Once you've found who you want to work with, you need to be able to easily manage the workflows between multiple companies through a central platform so you can deploy, analyze, and optimize your campaigns.

Honeybook Market NetworkHoneyBook is a great example. You don't have a completed product — an "event" — until you have a venue and a photographer and a caterer. So you need a Network to help you discover and choose which of each you want to work with, a Marketplace to facilitate the transaction, and a Workflow tool to keep everyone aligned and organized.

With OOH, you need a Network to help you choose inventory, data services, creative agencies, printers, and other solution partners. So much is possible - how do you make sense of it all?

Then you can buy the inventory via the Marketplace (either directly or through one of our DSP partners) and coordinate all of the moving parts to create an experience that reaches the audience you want to reach and influences the outcomes that are your campaign's goals.

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