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How to Generate OOH Leads While You Sleep

Leads are the lifeblood of every brand. Without them, you would have no customers and no sales. However, as every marketer knows, attracting leads is no easy feat, especially now in the increasingly competitive OOH space. Chief Revenue Officer Jeanne Hopkins recently sat down with John James, founder and president of SignBird, to discuss how media owners can generate leads – even while you're sleeping.

This webinar is packed with inspiring ideas and down-to-earth tips you can activate right now to up your lead gen game. You'll want to watch the whole episode. Here are just a few highlights.

Of course you have a website

One of its most valuable attributes is that it works for you around the clock, not just when your office is open. (Assuming you even have an office.) But are you confident your website is generating as many leads as possible?

"When you're fishing without any bait, you're not going to catch any fish," says John James. As an industry veteran, he knows what works to generate OOH leads and sales.

Content is your bait. Your content and collateral have to warm leads up — get them excited to pick up the phone or fill out your contact form to learn more about your company. The most productive content paints a mental picture of what it's like to experience your product — so vividly that prospects desire that same experience for themselves.

That's why content is still king, 26 years after that phrase was coined.

"And a website is queen," notes Jeanne. "Without the king and queen together, you have stalemate."

SEO is critical to attract leads and drive them to your website. Great quality, frequently updated content inspires Google to display your search results more prominently. Blog posts offer tasty content bait, so keep those articles coming.

Spiff up your digital footprint

Mom said it first: good housekeeping is a must. So clean up your digital footprint to ensure you don't miss a single potential lead. For example:

  • Review your LinkedIn Business and Google My Business pages to be sure they are 100% up-to-date and accurate.
  • Make sure your forms work and response times are short, to ensure excellent customer experience.

Share your content throughout your digital footprint

Facebook, Instagram and other key social sites are free, and once again content is king, so these accounts can be some of your strongest lead gen and sales tools. What should you post? OOH! Nothing tells your unique story like your own work.

  • Post both photos and video clips of your current billboards. Video is irresistible – when have you ever not clicked on a "play" button?
  • Tag the client, the brand, the city, etc. to boost your reach.

Keep in mind that the quality of your photography speaks volumes about your company — especially since you are selling such a visual product. Prospects will assume that what they see is what they'll get.

Expand your marketing menu beyond TOFU

Jeanne reminds us that marketers often concentrate too heavily on top-of-funnel leads, forgetting that keeping existing customers are equally important. Or more so. Churn is a killer. It:

  • Wastes money and time on redundant activity
  • Deadens internal morale
  • You never have the chance to develop long-term relationships that lead to loyalty and greatest customer lifetime value.

AIDA funnel

At, we share images of OOH ads created by our clients and partners in our newsletter and blog articles. This helps promote them and it helps other marketers see what they, too can do.

OSai newsletter - customer spotlight

Integrating imagery on your website and throughout your digital footprint connects you with search-based leads. Your marketplace directory listing expands that reach to potentially any prospect looking to buy OOH inventory.

Embeddable maps make your content stand out. Prospects can drop by any time to check out your inventory locations.

Listing in OSai directory

But here's the best part, because for billboards "location" means not only where it sits but where it can be seen from. So you can also embed a visual portfolio for each location, a composite of still images and video scenes that show exactly what viewers will see from every angle and distance and what the traffic patterns and surrounding area are like.

Customers don't have to guess what impact their ad will have, they can feel the experience for themselves.

Forget spreadsheets!

The ability to add packages of visuals to your directory listing eliminates the need for clumsy spreadsheets for media planning and buying. Users can build their campaign, build flights, build it all in one platform using their designated data.

This is ideal for generating leads, even while you sleep, whether your focus is ABM or you're targeting a specific customer profile.

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