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2 min read Congratulates Hunt A Killer for Earning Finalist for OOH Advertising Campaign at 80th Anniversary OBIE Awards campaign honored at GO Geopath/OAAA Out of Home Conference on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 in Marco Island, Florida

BOSTON — May 18, 2022 –, the marketplace provider for buying and selling out-of-home (OOH) advertising, is pleased to have facilitated the OOH campaign of its client Hunt A Killer, the immersive entertainment company and makers of the popular mystery, sci-fi, and horror themed games, and congratulates the company on earning Finalist at the 80th Anniversary OBIE Awards on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 in Marco Island, Florida. For eight decades, the prestigious OBIEs have honored the most innovative, breathtaking campaigns in OOH advertising. The awards were presented at the GO Geopath/OAAA Out of Home Conference, taking place on Monday, May 16 – Wednesday, May 18, 2022. 

"Hunt A Killer set out to deploy an out-of-the-box marketing campaign that would build brand affinity among a prime audience,” said Jeanne Hopkins, CRO at “Using’s data-driven insights, we were able to identify an audience with a high affinity for true crime and a low familiarity for Hunt A Killer in Austin, Texas. We are thrilled the brand’s OOH advertising debut was so successful. Congratulations to the entire Hunt A Killer team, all those associated with the success of this brilliant OOH advertising experience, and all those honored at the 2022 OBIE Awards."

In its first-ever OOH campaign, instead of using traditional OOH, Hunt A Killer used a strategic street-level campaign in Austin to speak directly to thriller enthusiasts as they moved through the real world. Utilizing wrapped buses displaying the tagline "Who Killed Beth?" as well as expanded one sheets and sidewalk stencils of a female body silhouetted on 75 sidewalks, it was impossible to miss this multi-media outdoor advertising experience.

Key partners for this campaign included AllOver Media (street stencils), Intersection (bus wraps), and Alchemy Media (one-sheet posters). Melody Roberts, owner and Chief Creative Officer at oohc, designed the campaign.'s technology made it possible to connect, buy, deploy and measure all components of the campaign.

Hunt A Killer allows true crime fans to sort through evidence, piece together clues, and join the hunt – all to catch a killer. Like an escape room for thriller enthusiasts delivered to your front door, Hunt A Killer is disrupting conventional storytelling by delivering immersive, interactive entertainment experiences to customers worldwide.

The GEOPATH Conference is hosted by Geopath, the not-for-profit organization that provides the industry-standard audience metrics for OOH advertising, and Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA). is a member of OAAA. Founded in 1891, OAAA is the united voice of the OOH advertising industry.

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