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FAQs for Agencies

Yes. Each Advertiser, think company, will have it’s own portal and as an agency partner you will be able to log into each account individually.

We consider 15 seconds an ad play. Most ads are typically 15 or 30 seconds in length. This can be multiplied for 30, 45, 60 seconds or longer ads. These longer ads would just be considered a multiple on the spend side for the longer length.

Short answer is not always. It is the decision of the individual screen owner to decide if audio is turned on or not.  Also remember sometimes the audio might be turned on but in a busy loud place, like a bar, you can't hear the audio anyway. We encourage advertisers to include text overlays or caption on their ads.

We can accept most media file types but know that we'll typically convert them into .mp4 for video and .png for static images. With either file type obviously the higher resolution the better as we'll want higher resolution for top end TVs. For static images we recommend nothing smaller than 1920 x 1080 pixels.

In our Campaign Analytics view we share the Actual CPM of your plays, budget spent, Impressions (visitors viewing an ad multiplied by the times played), plays, when it played and on what screen it played. All of this is downloadable and exportable to a .cvs file.

Absolutely. You can specify a specific screen or geofence screens into a specific area for your ad.

Currently we do this through our matching of your target audience with our knowledge of screen locations and business type. Eventually you will absolutely be able to demographically target individuals across any screen so that you can display the right content to the right person at the right time.

Currently we support QR Codes and URLs. Realistically as long as you have the technology in place we can support coupon codes, SMS campaigns, and any other creative conversion channel you can think of. We will continue to add more conversion channels and integrations into analytic platforms as we build out the platform.

An impression is simply the number of visitors viewing an ad multiplied by the times played. We consider a play 15 seconds so a 30 second ad would multiple play by 2. So if 10 people viewed a 30 second ad in a location we could count that as 20 impressions (10 people x 2 plays). This also means that if an ad played and nobody saw around to see it then we do not consider that an impression.

Get $500 in free ads

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