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Manage your existing advertisers and tap into an all-new supply of brands looking for your inventory. With our plug-and-play device and an easy-to-use dashboard, you can manage your inventory and provided advanced reporting to all of your advertisers - helping you make more money with less time and stress.

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FAQs for Media Owners

It really depends. Why don’t we find out? Let’s get a call scheduled and discuss.

Quite simply we pay you 20% of the revenue generated from the ad. Please see our Terms of Service under section 3.4 for more details. If you bring advertisers to the platform you can negotiate play terms with them and use our content schedule to set your own terms or we’ll pay you a percentage of additional revenue for advertisers that you bring to the network. Schedule a call and discuss.

Our platform provides you with a modern content management system (CMS) for managing and scheduling your content but also allows you to monetize unsold inventory by playing ads through the network during unsold free time. If that wasn’t enough our patent pending technology also provides you with unmatched analytics about visitors to your screens locations.

Absolutely. You can switch to another input at any point. The device will recognize that you are no longer streaming our content. This also means that you won’t be making money at that time.

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