Small Business Owners

Make an extra $500/mo

You have customers that love you. We have brands that would love to reach them while they're in your business.

Coolest part? They'll pay you to do it.

Take control of all the ways your business makes money.

With the OneScreen MyStream device, you'll instantly tap into an ad marketplace where brands bid to reach your patrons.

It's completely free to you, gives you lots of cool insight to help manage your business (like your busiest times and who your best customers are), and can make you up to $500 extra, every month.

Will it work in my business?

Better content for customers

A free, easy way to add new revenue

Plug our free devices into your screens’ HDMI ports.

Turn on the device and instantly connect to our content network.

Add to your bottom line or use your new revenue to invest in your own marketing.


Suddenly, you have a

marketing budget

Cash out each month or repurpose your earnings as marketing budget for yourself by advertising on someone else's screens.

If you've ever done social media marketing, it works just like that, but on real screens, in the real world.

Claim $500 in free ads

  • Free to use
  • Easy setup
  • Track your earnings

Earn up to $500/mo

FAQs for Small Businesses

No catch. Basically it’s pretty straight forward as we’ll make money when you make money. If we can eat a little bit of that cost upfront then everyone wins.

Absolutely. You can filter out categories of ads or if a particular ad or company’s ads is something that you don’t want to play you can blacklist that way.

We’re very concerned about this too. It’s absolutely on our short list to create more ways to allow users to review their data and opt out of tracking if they so choose. One of our bigger goals is to give individuals data back to them. Ideally if we can create a wonderful experience for them they will gladly share their data with us but we also want to let them make that choice and not do it for them.

Absolutely. You can switch to another input at any point. The device will recognize that you are no longer streaming our content. This also means that you won’t be making money at that time.

Quite simply we pay you 20% of the revenue generated from the ad. Please see our Terms of Service under section 3.4 for more details.

Start Earning

Request a free device for each of your screens, connect to our network, and start earning.

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