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Display Your Inventory Visually with Free Embeddable Maps

Available with inventory managed on the platform

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Save Time and Increase Your Leads 

In 5 minutes, you can create a map of your inventory for your website. The map shows what inventory is available and what isn’t in real time. Getting the embeddable map on your website just takes a simple copy and paste.

Now, your leads can view your inventory location and details, check real-time availability, and contact you all directly on YOUR website.

Embeddable map code

Why You Need Embeddable Maps

1. Inventory details are provided including the location, impressions, billboard type, coordinates, dimensions, illumination, Geopath ID, and image of your real estate

2. Customers can zoom into the street view to see the surrounding area

3. Easy navigation from searching for a point of interest to submitting the inquiry

4. Embed the map in more than one place on your website

5. Customers can search for a point of interest on your map to see how close your inventory is to their key location

6. Easy to add, remove, and edit inventory so your map is always up-to-date

Inventory Details

Start Seeing the Leads Flow In

It’s as easy as copy and paste. That’s it!

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