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Voice of the Customer Investor

Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of HubSpot, had a good summary when we spoke to him:

  1. Passes the "sniff test".  The idea makes sense, and I can see people buying the offering. (You'd be surprised how many startups fail the fundamental sniff test).
  2. If successful, this has the potential to scale into a big business. It's a big market opportunity with relatively high margins at scale (essentially a marketplace business).
  3. The hardware component might be a challenge. The good news is that an HDMI dongle with a WiFi chip is not a radical departure from things that exist. You're not trying to invent some fundamentally new device.  The challenge is going to be that signing up the "supply" side of the equation is going to have friction, so will be harder to do.  Having said that, OpenTable intentionally introduced hardware into their offering (restaurants had to buy an OpenTable computer — which was basically a PC).  The reason they did it is because it increased retention/stickiness. 
  4. The deck is good, and has its moments, but needs to be simplified — and could use some design love. Right now, it's a deck that's meant to be presented, which is fine — but you will ultimately also need a deck that is meant to be read.  

We love feedback. We don't hide from it.

#3 is actually something we've since iterated upon -- we can capitalize on the low CapEx growth of SaaS and take advantage of the revenue retention and defensibility provided by patented hardware. We've also solved the issue of signing up the supply-side -- you'll see.

#4 is why we launched this dedicated microsite for investors. We want to give you a brief summary, but we also want to capture the breadth of potential here.

Check us out. Give us your feedback. Let's change the world together.