Local Advertising for National Brands

OneScreen.ai empowers local advertisers!

Flexible campaigns/targeting, plus real-time bidding. Reach the folks you need at the right price to crush your KPIs.

Geo-Targeting Example: Include or exclude by geography, dwell time, frequency of visits, or travel paths. 

  • Geographic Look-a-Like audiences
  • Retarget based on location history
  • Combine location dwell times to create psychographic audiences.

Campaign Types (currently or soon available):

  • Lead generation - Gather short or long forms, emails, phone numbers and more.
  • Retargeting - Use Mobile Advertiser IDs, or upload customer data.
  • DTC eComm - Direct to Consumer eCommerce 
  • ABM - Account Based Marketing objectives
  • Geographic take-overs - Cover an area with your content or ads. Support other "Geo" efforts like IG/Snap Filters.
  • "Air Support" for field teams - For bars, conventions, or anywhere a field team is present, support their mission with ads/content.
  • Branded content - If you produce great content deliver both paid and earned impressions. 
  • Co-branded content - Great for national brands, that work with local distributors, and local merchants. Effective use of cooperative ad budgets fully tracked and validated.
  • Multi-path CTAs - Sequential content, ads and CTAs including progressive forms. Full funnel, full life cycle marketing.
  • And more!

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