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An alternative for smart marketers.

Connecting networks of digital screens, for advertising, isn’t a new concept.

Connecting you to those screens using deep-data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is.

Think of it like digital marketing...but offline. That means you reach the audiences you care about most, for way less, and with actionable insights you can actually use.

We're so confident you'll love it that we'll even front your first $500.

Get $500 in FREE ads

Accessible, affordable performance

4 Steps to becoming a

OneScreen Ninja:


Upload your ads.

Repurpose your existing video ads or let us guide you on creating the perfect ad.


Pick your Target Locations.

Think of it like behavioral targeting. Where are your perfect customers likely to be? Reach them there.


Set your Budget.

$500 becomes $1,000! Start with a $500 test budget and we'll match it.



Upload your creative and you’re live in less than 24 hours, driving new traffic, profitably.

Scale winning campaigns, faster.

Love scaling, hate optimizing? Us too.

That’s why we built a machine learning algorithm, to automatically optimize which ad gets shown where, when and to who. Real-time analytics connect with cross-device tracking, meaning you know how every ad dollar is performing against your goals.


Grab your $500 in FREE ads

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Your clients chose you for one reason - results. Create better brand experiences for your clients, with their perfect customers, and drive the results they care about.

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Scale customer acquisition, build your brand and do it profitably with the first platform purpose-built for performance marketers.

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Small Business Owners

Get paid for showing ads on your digital displays. Setup is free and ad revenue is automatic.

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Media Owners

Do things smarter. Upgrade to a more advanced technology platform for serving your content and profiting from advertisers who will pay to play on your screens.

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Moving the $167+ billion online advertising industry to the real-world

By connecting marketers with new channels for ROI-positive campaigns, small businesses with new revenue streams, and customers with interactive content they want or need in a given moment, OneScreen is empowering a more accessible and dynamic way to advertise where everyone wins.

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Get $500 in free ads

See the power of connecting to your ideal audience in the real world.

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