Performance Marketing Meets Out-of-Home on the Internet of Screens.

We make it easy for the right people to spend the right money and get the right content on the right screen at the right time.

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For Advertisers

Easily access screens near their target customers and measure the ROI from campaigns in real-time


For Businesses

Access relevant advertisers and ensure a quality experience for your customers, without sales teams going after advertisers


For Consumers

The out of home ads they see are generic, mostly irrelevant to them, and it’s difficult for them to take immediate action for those that work

The New Smart Standard

Bringing the best of digital online technology to out of home

Hardware Platform

Our all-in-one hardware dongle plugs into any screen and start showing your customers content. From hardware fleet management to on-demand high speed Internet, it's all one click away.


Business Storefront

Business owners can manage their business and customer profiles with a few clicks, ensuring their customers see tailored content that are always on brand.

Content Platform

Advertisers can bring or integrate their rich media content and our content platform will optimize their content and messages for top performance.



The marketplace matches content with customers in real-time. Machine-driven price and demand algorithms drive improved outcomes never available before.


What are you trying to solve?

We want to bring the simplicity and closed feedback loop of the digital online world to the out of home experience.

What does it cost to get started?

As a business owner, reach out and we'll send you our simple hardware dongle. Advertisers pay based on content exposure metrics.

What do businesses get?

Business storefront owners get a simple hardware solution that turns simple displays to a real-time digital advertising platform.

What do advertisers get?

Advertisers get access to a real-time auction and targeting marketplace that efficiently drives inventory to the customers that want to see your adverts.

Get Started

Interested in the OneScreen platform? Reach out and we'll do a quick consultation to make sure you're a good fit for our digital platform.