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Our Core Values

Solve for the Customer

Creating value for brands, screen hosts, and consumers are why we exist. If they aren't successful, neither are we.

Do Well by Doing Good

Whether it's consumer privacy or pricing policies, we believe that technology's tomorrow will be built by the people solving for what's right today.

Work Together

It's not just about "teamwork" among ourselves. We believe in building an open ecosystem any company can use to grow rather than walled gardens.


If we have to hear Sam say "who chases two rabbits catches neither" one more time, we're going to feed him to said rabbits.

Our Team

Jennifer Vazmina

Head of Finance & Operations

Jennifer has spent a career in adtech working with brands of all sizes across the world. She has a Master's Degree in Education, which she uses to help her find three different ways to explain things to us. Without her, we'd be the world's most advanced company to go broke.

Fun fact: She's visited all 50 U.S. States while living in a converted van and working remotely. She's also the author of the book "What To Do When Nothing Is Wrong".


Harry Hawk

Head of Media Strategy

This is the third company Harry has joined with Sam. Harry's clients have included HubSpot, Duke University, and several SaaS start-ups. He was involved in digital transformation at Shearson Lehman American Express, and at several ad agencies. He researched the future of advertising at NYU's Film & TV School (ITP). 

Fun fact: Harry once built an entire artificial beach in New York City as part of an advertising campaign. That beach became its own multi-million dollar business. Harry has always believed that good marketing is something people will actually pay for on its own.


Kyle James

Head of Customer Success

Kyle is a serial startup pro, having already founded .eduGuru, an award-winning higher education marketing blog, and nuCloud an interactive campus map and virtual tour platform used by institutions around the world. 

Fun fact: Kyle was one of the first 35 employees at HubSpot and logged so many support tickets on behalf of customers that they created a new role for him called "Customer-in-Residence" so he could advocate for customers full-time. Now you see why he leads our Customer Success team.


Bonnie Lieberman

SVP of Sales & New Business Development

Bonnie wins the "earliest HubSpotter at OneScreen.ai" award as their 25th employee. She was the top sales rep in 2008 during their first year. Bonnie has worked for a number of other marquee companies including Monster, Citrix, Dun & Bradstreet, and eBay. She has a bachelors degree from Columbia University and an MBA from the Isenberg School of Management at UMass.

Fun fact: Bonnie enlisted in the United States Army Reserve after graduating from high school, enrolled in ROTC during college, and served our country for 7 years.

(thank you for your service, Bonnie!)

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Mary Rogul

SVP of Customer Strategy & Engagement

Mary has been leading premier customer engagements for some of the largest companies in the world, providing solutions, and developing relationships with key decision-makers, to on-board, implement and further engage for optimal outcomes,

As a HubSpot alumna (2009-2015), Mary was part of the Enterprise Scale-Up from 2011 through the public offering in 2014, bringing to her client base a successful track record of more than 20 years that includes high profile sales and customer success expertise and recognized achievements in the B2B high tech, healthcare, and financial services industries.

Fun Fact: While at HubSpot, Mary led and closed an account engagement with country-western rock star Ronnie Dunn of Brooks & Dunn in Nashville, Tennessee. Ronnie hosted the HubSpot team, including Brian Halligan (CEO, HubSpot), members of ZZ Top, and David Meerman Scott (Online Marketing Strategist and Best Selling Author). 


Greg Wise

Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer

Greg wise was a founding member of the eCommerce team at Hubspot. After HubSpot, Greg founded Green Knight Funding, a private real estate investment fund for commercial property, and managed 5 million square feet of retail for Simon Property Group. 

Fun fact: Sam is still waiting for Greg to send him a fun fact. He's too busy helping people get set up on our platform.


Andrei Oprisan

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Andrei's family emigrated from Romania to New Orleans and lived there until hurricane Katrina changed their plans, but he's still a Saints fan.

He worked at companies like Google, Citigroup and HubSpot before building Liberty Mutual's 250+ person engineering team in Boston and leading the sales engineering teams at Wayfair.

When asked for a "fun fact", he chose "specializes in scalability and security" and neglected to tell us that he "was the youngest Vice President in the 100+ year history of Liberty Mutual". This is why he's not on our marketing team.


Sam Mallikarjunan

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sam learned marketing while hosting an AM/FM talk radio show about cigars in Florida because cigar companies kept asking him to help with "the internet". He dropped out of college at the University of South Florida (where he's now a Faculty Chair) and taught Advanced Digital Marketing at Harvard University. Prior to OneScreen.ai, Sam was the Head of Growth at HubSpot Labs and Chief Revenue Officer at Flock.com.

Fun fact: In High School, Sam was part of a team that had an experiment go up on a NASA Space Shuttle mission.

Here's a video showing how bad we are at reading from a script:

Our Story: The Accidental Startup

What started as a hackathon to help small businesses recover and thrive after COVID-19 lockdowns turned into a mission to create a new platform connecting brands with consumers through the businesses they love. You can read more about our history and how we got here in this blog article: Click here.

Investors & Advisors

Elyse Winer

Partner, Material Impact VC Firm

Elyse has been with us since the very beginning when she told us that Andrei really needs a less-angry looking headshot (still working on that). She brings a wealth of experience in how we can think about our growth from both an investment economics and marketing perspective.


Todd Garland

CEO of BuySellAds & Digg.com

Todd is another early-stage HubSpotter who founded BuySellAds.com (back when exact-match domain names were really good for SEO). He (and his team) have helped us learn what we didn't know we didn't know about what makes adtech marketplaces such unique challenges and unique opportunities.


Erin Huard

Director of Partnerships at Topgolf

Erin brings an extremely unique perspective as someone who has deep career experience in AdTech (she actually led AdOps at Digg.com, before Todd became CEO). At Topgolf, she's executed the exact strategy we want to enable for small business owners. She speaks with the voice of our customers but from a perspective that enables us solve problems our customers didn't know they had.

Brian Halligan

Brian Halligan

Co-Founder & CEO at HubSpot

The only pitch meeting Sam has ever been nervous about, Brian Halligan co-founded the company where most of our current team originally met. He taught us to be better at things we didn't even know we were supposed to be good at. His strategic and leadership philosophy has strongly influenced our own.


Jim O'Neill

Co-Founder & CTO at SaaSWorks

Jim has been a mentor to Sam for years. His unique insights into how to be "Operator" founders helps our team see the big picture but focus on the execution and systems we need to win today and grow tomorrow. He's also the world's nicest person. True story. We did a study.

Dan Tyre

Dan Tyre

HubSpot Executive

Dan can't be explained. A conversation with him as to be experienced first-hand. His guidance and support as the Executive Coach for OneScreen.ai has been invaluable. If you ever get a chance to see him speak, don't walk - run to buy tickets.

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