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3 Things the Best Challenger Brands Believe

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Believe In Their Soul?

Challenger brands are experts at disruption. They get people to take notice. In an era when attention spans couldn't get any shorter, brands need to disrupt the status quo if they're to be noticed in the first place. Due to the circumstances they find themselves in, challenger brands have to approach everything from a different perspective...an edge...a willingness to break rules.

1. It’s All in the Storytelling

Challenger brands don't have the resources to take established brands head on. In fact, this would be the death of them. The key is to be different enough to stand out and craft a brand narrative that will be like a flag for your tribe to rally around.

We are tribal by nature. Fans of certain teams, followers of certain TikTok accounts. We like to hang out with people who like the same stuff as us. Challenger brands are especially good at finding their tribe, and usually it is the force multiplier for massive growth.

Compelling storytelling is really the only way into people's hearts. It helps build trust and convince consumers they shouldn't have to settle for less.

2. Be Bold and Be Authentic

The best challenger brands tend to have one particular goal in common: a mission to progress their niche or industry in a way that favors the consumer. There are considerable cultural advantages to having such a mission. People rally towards those who are willing to stand for something.

A lot of challenger brands find success by finding something they don't like about their industry and positioning themselves as the disruptor willing to fight back against the injustice — a David and Goliath narrative, if you will.

3. Create a Community

Offer customers (see also: tribe) the opportunity to be a part of something different. At the end of the day, everyone wants to belong somewhere or to something. Enhanced by their "underdog" status, they have the ability to give people what they crave most, a community. It’s no wonder that some of the best challenger brands have a devoted cult-like following. They pursue ways to connect with consumers on a more meaningful level.

Disrupt the Status Quo

Challenger brands believe that they can transform their industry and people’s lives. Fenty Beauty springs to mind. Not only did the brand fill a gap within the beauty industry by providing beauty products for people of all skin tones, but they also challenge the norms and stereotypes within the industry. What results is a brand that resonates strongly with consumers and creates a community by being inclusive.

Here's the really cool part...

Blue-chip brands can apply a challenger mentality and well and when they do, they can be very hard to disrupt. 😉

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