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AI-powered Ad Delivery on Dogs

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NEEDHAM, Mass. — April 1, 2021 – OneScreen.ai, the first AI-powered offline media marketplace, announces their all-new ad product The AdverDoodle.

The first offering of it's kind, OneScreen.ai's newest addition to their marketplace empowers brands of all sizes and empowers your favorite four-legged friend to earn additional income with the first gig-economy platform for canines.

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

Brands select from available dogs, in their target market, similar to online dating and set their campaign dates ahead of time so that your pup can manage their availability and maximize their earning power. Dogs can earn extra treats, walks and "good boys" and "good girls" by shouting out the advertisers on their own social media platforms.

The idea was developed by Simon, the adorable rescue pup featured above."It seemed like a natural progression for the platform" says OneScreen.ai CEO, Sam Mallikarjunan. Pup Simon was unavailable for comment because he was playing with his sister Jayne. Early feedback from pups on the platform has been positive and shows promise for rapid growth.

Currently, AdverDoodle is available in all major markets.

For campaign inquiries, please contact tim@onescreen.ai.

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