General FAQ

Absolutely. You can specify a specific screen or geofence screens into a specific area for your ad.

Currently we do this through our matching of your target audience with our knowledge of screen locations and business type. Eventually you will absolutely be able to demographically target individuals across any screen so that you can display the right content to the right person at the right time.

Currently we support QR Codes and URLs. Realistically as long as you have the technology in place we can support coupon codes, SMS campaigns, and any other creative conversion channel you can think of. We will continue to add more conversion channels and integrations into analytic platforms as we build out the platform.

An impression is simply the number of visitors near a screen playing an ad multiplied by the times played. We consider a play 15 seconds so a 30 second ad would multiple play by 2. So if 10 people viewed a 30 second ad in a location we could count that as 20 impressions (10 people x 2 plays). This also means that if an ad played and nobody saw around to see it then we do not consider that an impression.

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