Tim Rowe

How to Beat Facebook with Billboards

2019 was a heckuva year.

AI-powered Ad Delivery on Dogs

NEEDHAM, Mass. — April 1, 2021 – OneScreen.ai, the first AI-powered offline media marketplace, announces their all-new ad product The AdverDoodle.

HappyNest CRO Jeanne Hopkins Joins OneScreen.ai Advisory Board

Jeanne Hopkins brings 30 years of customer-centric sales and marketing expertise to grow the first AI-powered offline media marketplace.

Kill the red. Grow the green.

Want to learn one of the fastest ways to earn trust, respect and authority? Say No.

The Trust-Commitment Axis

As marketers, there are no shortages of ways we can invest ad dollars. In fact, I'm sure you get plenty of pitches in your inbox every day with...

How the Apple updates impact Facebook ads


Concerned about your data privacy? You aren't alone. In 2019, nearly 50% of U.S. internet users were more concerned about online privacy than...

What I teach my college students about 'Targeting'​

Permission to get it wrong.

The first, most important rule of targeting in marketing is this - you can afford to get it wrong.

14 Days Later - The Trailing (off) Effect


A couple of weeks back you may have caught the case study on How we increased Google Search by 331% thru the use of digital billboards.

How we drove 331% MORE Google Search with Digital Billboards


For the record, we spent $2,207.19 on the entire campaign.

Micro-Moment Marketing: The Audience


What is real-world behavioral targeting? And why does it matter? To answer these questions, let's first turn to behavioral targeting.