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Doing Our Part for a Leafier Future

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Did you plant a tree on Arbor Day when you were a kid? With Arbor Day coming up (April 29th), the timing is perfect to announce that our team at OneScreen.ai is planting trees – lots of them – to support global reforestation.

Our goal is to minimize (or reverse) the carbon footprint of our OOH campaigns. You might say we’re going out of home to help protect the planet we all call home.

And these aren’t just any trees.

We’re working with Evertreen.com, a platform that connects folks like us with tree-planting projects around the world, especially in areas at risk for desertification, where fertile land becomes dried out and barren. Deforestation is often the cause, along with large-scale fires, so planting new trees can save the land and its ability to support plant and animal life.  

Trees with purpose

Trees are beautiful and provide esoteric value such as stress-reduction for those who gaze upon them. But we’re talking about trees with serious, transformational purpose: reducing global warming while creating sustainable, profitable futures for people currently living in poverty.

In Madagascar, we’re planting orange, lemon and pink peppercorn trees. (You were thinking conifers, weren’t you?) These trees are lovely to look at, for sure. Fragrant, too, with tasty fruits. But for local farmers they offer a cash crop that provides a sustainable income – a life-changing boost for the local economy.

But there’s more.

No matter the type of tree or where you find them around the world, trees serve us in many life-giving ways:

  • They are critical when it comes to reducing effects of climate change. Carbon dioxide is a noxious greenhouse gas produced by human industrial and residential activities. Overloading of CO2 in the atmosphere traps heat, causing global warming.
  • Trees absorb CO2 from the air, separate the molecules and store the carbon, then release oxygen back into the atmosphere.
  • Trees also purify the air by removing other pollutants.  
  • They also cool the air. Leafy canopies provide shade that reduces surface heat and air temperature, and the water vapor released by the leaves provides additional cooling effect.
  • In urban and suburban settings, trees can significantly reduce energy usage, too, thanks to summer shade and winter wind protection.
  • Trees provide habitat for countless flora, fauna and microscopic organisms. Reforestation efforts safeguard existing ecosystems, restore those at risk and create new ones in areas that might otherwise be devoid of life.

Not only do we get to plant trees in a far-away land, we get to watch them grow here at home!

This is such a cool project. Not just a way to reverse the potential effects of our own OneScreen.ai carbon footprint, but an opportunity to learn.  

Thanks to Evertreen’s satellite monitoring service, we can actually check in with our trees even though they’re half a world away. We can track their progress as they grow. And we can see the science behind their growth.

Satellite surveys detect details like nitrogen concentration in leaves and photosynthetic activity to monitor tree health. They reveal areas where the land is dry or infertile or experiencing water stress. They show how well the trees are absorbing and reflecting solar radiation. Evertreen also uses this same technology to monitor other types of crops and land areas.

Join us!

This project is fun and fascinating for us, financially rewarding for farmers who need our helping hand and ecologically rewarding for the planet we all call home.

You, too, could be planting trees in Madagascar or another location somewhere on Planet Earth. Your Evertreen experience starts now, and with it, Mothers Earth will be able to breathe a bit easier.

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