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How Billboards Work - What Is A Bulletin?

If marketing were a family, a billboard would be the distant cousin. You know, the lively one who enters a room and immediately grabs everyone’s attention. You will hardly miss them. So, while they have your attention, you may wonder: how do billboards work? What are their benefits? Are they effective? Should you use billboard advertisements?

Let’s help you understand what bulletins are and how to use them:

What is a Bulletin?

A bulletin is what you see when driving down a major road. They are some of the biggest billboards, and advertisers consider them very effective. (Then again, their effectiveness depends more on the creativity of your campaign goals).

Most bulletins work by directing your audience to take immediate action on your message. For example, think of a billboard advertisement of a fast-food restaurant at the next upcoming exit. You will probably start having cravings when nearing the exit.

Luckily, most bulletins are self-supporting. You can also mount them on a frame. Their commanding presence on the highway and other high traffic areas will make your advertisement larger than life (something all advertisers look forward to).

Benefits of Billboard Advertisements

There’s no doubt that bulletins provide some distinctive benefits as marketing tools. So, how do billboards work? How can you benefit from using them?

Here are the most obvious advantages you should know:

  • Huge – they are attention-grabbing and are great for displaying simple and straightforward messages that customers can easily understand. Their hugeness also allows them to reach a larger and more diverse audience.
  • Provide an almost immediate sales increase – that is why most businesses along highways and other high-traffic areas often have quick turn-offs.
  • Allow for geographically targeted marketing – you may not know who is looking at your message, but you will know where they are reading it from. Billboards can fit your geographic marketing goals better than other advertising mediums.

What are Bulletin Dimensions?

Bulletins come in different shapes and sizes. So, while you may be more familiar with the billboards you see while driving along the highway, there are many different dimensions you can choose from, depending on location restrictions and surroundings.

For that reason, we pulled together some prime billboard sizes you can use.

  • high and 40ft. wide
  • 10½ft. high and 36ft. wide
  • high and 48ft. wide

These are just a few of the standard bulletin sizes you can choose. But it’s also important to note that bulletins can have extensions to make them bigger. But they are still bulletins.

Are Bulletins Worth It for Your Business?

You will receive many benefits from investing in bulletin advertising. Bulletins help you stay ahead of your marketing and advertising promises.

Find out if bulletins are right for you and your goals. We can help you decide where to locate your billboards and print ideas and designs for your budget. Contact us today to discuss what you can do and how we can help.

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