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Nugg Club Ignites Cannabis Sales with OOH

Nugg Club, the nation’s first cannabis subscription box, is redefining the cannabis shopping experience by delighting consumers each month with curated products matched to their preferences. The online cannabis retailer offers a full array of products from flower to accessories and allows members to customize their box contents, get 3-day delivery on demand, and save up to 60% on cost.

More Subscriptions and Brand Love? Yes, we CANnabis.

If more cannabis fans knew about Nugg Club and its unique monthly membership opportunity, surely they would sign up. But boosting brand awareness and sales is no easy sell in a market that is deeply saturated and, therefore, highly competitive. Especially when your digital brand can’t use digital advertising due to industry advertising regulations.

Nugg Club knew they needed a clever marketing tactic — something creative that could increase brand awareness and website traffic. They needed a larger-than-life presence to showcase their brand’s credibility and garner top-of-mind recall with cannabis consumers. But they also wanted consumers to take action.

Out-of-home advertising can do all that, but would it work for Nugg Club?

Lighting Up Interest with OOH

Nugg Club enlisted help from to execute an out-of-home (OOH) campaign with two goals:

  • Drive online engagements
  • Increase monthly membership subscriptions during the campaign window

The target market? High-performing ZIP codes in Los Angeles.

To execute the multi-format OOH campaign, used both intelligent audience data and real-world, place-based ranking data. The campaign ran for six weeks, with:

  • 9 total billboard placements, two of which sported creative extensions
  • Rideshare video placements that were ZIP-code optimized and displayed a QR code call to action

Get Nugg - LA billboard campaign

Even Higher Results than Expected

Thanks to their OOH campaign, Nugg Club not only drove website traffic; they also saw increased SEO rankings during the campaign duration.

OOH can be measured in multiple ways, so to assess the campaign used a combination of Google Analytics, geolocation data, and QR code data. The numbers were impressive:

  • 4.8M total impressions delivered at a $20 CPM
  • 615 QR code scans at a $16 CPC

Compared to the 6 weeks prior to the campaign window, website traffic increased across the board:

  • 36% increase in search traffic
  • 46% growth in new users visiting the website
  • 22% uptick in direct website traffic
  • 10% increase in returning users to the website

Reach More Goals with OOH

Cannabis brands are limited in where and how they can advertise, but any brand — especially those in highly-regulated industries — can benefit from OOH’s ability to reach audiences offline and, at the same time, generate online actions such as new visitors, direct traffic, conversion increases, and organic search activity.

That versatility makes OOH ideal for building brand equity and credibility in a market and equally as valuable as a bottom-of-funnel amplifier that helps achieve website goals.

To learn more about how OOH can generate offline + online results for cannabis brands, check out The Cannabis Entrepreneurs Guide to Out of Home.

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