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Rise Above Digital Fatigue

Digital fatigue has set in. Continue to grow with OOH.

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One-third of marketers are unaware of DOOH performance attribution capabilities

Back in the “old days” (pre-pandemic) marketers sometimes hesitated to use out-of-home advertising because it didn’t offer detailed measurement. Things have changed radically in the out-of-home world. Especially with the upsurge in digital OOH, and especially when it comes to campaign performance attribution.

Still, hesitancy remains. Perhaps marketers themselves are really to blame here.

In the 2021 Media Decision Makers Survey, one in three respondents were unaware that DOOH is indeed measurable, let alone that it offers attribution capabilities on a par with other digital advertising channels. Researchers concluded, “Many omni-digital advertisers still have a lot to learn about what DOOH can do.”

Attribution that matches your metrics

Attribution matters because you need to see if your ads are reaching the right people, in the right numbers. You also need to see if viewers converted in some way – visiting your website, making a purchase, etc.

If one-third of marketers are unaware that DOOH supports attribution analysis, then that means two-thirds know at least something about DOOH measurement capabilities. But not necessarily much. Although DOOH offers a wide range of data-driven opportunities, many media buyers are able to identify only one or a few.

And 11% could not identify even one.

Yet these are the very factors that are driving DOOH growth:

  • Attribution can show in-store traffic, ad-related consumer online behavior and purchasing
  • Attribution can segregate DOOH results within multi-touch attribution models
  • Third-party verification of advertising placement as purchased and each DOOH screen’s geo-data
  • Dwell time
  • Integration with mobile data to track consumer locations before and after DOOH ad exposure
  • Verification of traffic in front of or proximate to DOOH screens, include age group and gender using cameras and visual detection technology

With programmatic DOOH, you can use the data you’re capturing in near-real time, to boost results mid-campaign by changing content or locations.

DOOH can also drive shoppers right to your brick-and-mortar door. A Nielsen study revealed that more than half of those who saw a digital billboard immediately visited the business. Even better, 93% of them bought something.

Marketers that get it are moving to DOOH

Digital out-of-home is versatile, so it has the power to deliver on multiple fronts. And it just keeps getting better, with features such as high-definition screens that make ads really pop and dynamic creative and campaign management options.

Marketers are investing in DOOH because they can:

  • Use hyperlocal geotargeting
  • Place ads in environments that are contextually relevant
  • Directly engage ad viewers
  • Generate leads or sales on the spot

The DOOH door is wide open

According to’s survey, Rising Above Digital Fatigue, less than half of marketers who are already invested in out-of-home are using digital OOH. Lingering concerns about measurement are largely to blame.

Even marketers who understand the value of DOOH say they cannot convince their leadership without better ROI measurement tools.

The Media Decision Makers Survey found similar results: 57% of advertisers said lack of ROI data was keeping them from investing in DOOH. They also cited:

  • Inability to evaluate DOOH’s role in multi-touch attribution
  • Doubts about consumer acceptance

While DOOH doubters dither, competing brands can distinguish themselves with target audiences. Why?

Consumers love DOOH!

The DOOH Difference, a report produced by Sightline for Xaxis, leaves little doubt when it comes to consumer opinion of DOOH. They told researchers that DOOH:

  • “Feels really current”
  • “Makes the buying journey more interesting”
  • Encourages them to search online
  • Connects them with their social platforms
  • Encourages them to buy

And they have followed through by visiting websites, using hashtags or QR codes.

Get measurable results with DOOH

In the DOOH Difference study, researchers concluded, “DOOH bolsters many other channels when used in conjunction with them, leading to a positive impact on business outcomes. It could even be said that an absence of DOOH in a brand’s broad media strategy may limit the potential performance of other digital channels.”

When you use DOOH, alone or as part of a multi-channel campaign, you can be doubly confident you’re making the right decision. You can reach targets in ways that appeal to them and drive response, and you can measure results to prove investment value and obtain data to further refine campaigns.