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OOH Sells Scratchpad to Sales Pros

Sales teams are driven by data, and managing all that information can be a time-consuming drag on productivity. That's why sales teams love Scratchpad. This first-of-its-kind Revenue Team Workplace keeps work flowing quickly and efficiently and smoothly connected to Salesforce. Users say Scratchpad actually makes their work fun.

Spreading the Word about the Scratchpad Experience

While those who use Scratchpad love it, many more don't know about it — yet. To keep growing, the company's marketing strategy calls for targeting accounts in key markets. They want to increase brand awareness, but in a way that drives increased web traffic and conversions.

Looking for a novel approach that would make them stand out, they looked to out-of-home advertising. OOH is famous for its ability to build awareness, but today's OOH is also highly targetable and measurable. And, like Scratchpad, OOH is fun.

Real World Engagement via OOH

Scratchpad knows sales, but out-of-home? Not so much. So they teamed up with to reach out to target accounts. They chose the beautiful backdrop of Salt Lake City for their campaign and created a classic rendition of outdoor advertising, updated with today's technology. The campaign ran for 10 weeks. combined the company's target account list with real-world place-based data to literally map out the most valuable locations around the city. In all, they chose 33 placements to present a mix of static bulletins, performance digital billboards and posters.

Scratchpad Salt Lake City campaign

No matter how great the billboard location, though, if the creative is off, the campaign will almost always underperform. So creative was key here. helped Scratchpad produce a stand-out design that illustrates how less can be so much more — short-but-witty copy, high-contrast colors, limited graphics, major impact.

Results that Can Literally Save More Lives

Salt Lake City is a highly competitive market. The campaign turned heads and delivered engagement, thanks to strategic placements that targeted key audiences and clever creative. We know that because and Scratchpad used Google Analytics and geo-location data to track and measure campaign results.

And just look at those numbers!

  • 351% website lift compared to the prior year
  • 200% increase in new user sessions in Salt Lake City

They also saw an increase in Chrome extension downloads during the campaign window.

Account-Based Marketers Are Turning to OOH

Learn how your brand can combine OOH and ABM to build awareness and drive more traffic and conversions. Our playbook, The Unicorn's Guide, was created specifically for account-based marketers.

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OOH Sells Scratchpad to Sales Pros

Sales teams are driven by data, and managing all that information can be a time-consuming drag on productivity. That's...

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