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10 Examples of Effective OOH Advertising

Combining creativity and relevancy is the key to a successful and effective Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising campaign. OOH features different formats,...

Top 5 OOH Campaigns of 2021

2021 was the year of the rebound for everything in Out-of-Home advertising.

In fact, according to Statista, outdoor advertising spend in North...

Digital Billboards vs Static Billboards

Who else wants to have their cake and eat it too?

How to Beat Facebook with Billboards

2019 was a heckuva year.

14 Days Later - The Trailing (off) Effect


A couple of weeks back you may have caught the case study on How we increased Google Search by 331% thru the use of digital billboards.

How we drove 331% MORE Google Search with Digital Billboards


For the record, we spent $2,207.19 on the entire campaign.