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What is Street Furniture advertising and is it right for me?

Do you want to connect with consumers in a more personal manner? Street furniture advertising is a staple of local communities and ensures your brand...

What are Posters and are they right for me?

Posters are everywhere, woven into the very fabric of local communities. On surface roads and highways, on top of restaurants downtown, and on the...

How will Digital OOH and Data Privacy shape the advertising landscape?

Ian Dallimore, VP of Digital Growth & GM of Programmatic at Lamar Advertising, talks about out-of-home advertising with Tim Rowe and how it can help...

How Brex Used Billboards to 10X their ROI

Brex is one of the hottest startups of silicon valley to hit the scene in years, more than doubling it's valuation in just twelve months. In late...

Hints for a Great Billboard Advertisement

What does it take to boost your billboard advertisement ROI? What's your billboard missing?

Frequency Sells - Is Your Ad Frequency Effective?

Do you recognize the following brand slogans?

Digital Billboards vs Static Billboards

Who else wants to have their cake and eat it too?

What I teach my college students about 'Targeting'​

Permission to get it wrong.

The first, most important rule of targeting in marketing is this - you can afford to get it wrong.

Not All CPMs Are Created Equally

Some acronyms have become more ubiquitous than the words they represent. Did you know that Scuba stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing...