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AI vs. CEO: ChatGPT Told Me How to Transform the Advertising Industry

😲 I'm stunned.

I haven't felt this way while experiencing new a technology since I first interacted with a smartphone back in 2008. That first day,...

Is Audience-Based Selling Part of Your Billboard Sales Playbook?

"The cost of online advertising is higher than ever before."

That's the word from Chief Strategist Tim Rowe — and every marketer out...

Sense of Place in the Real World

*Updated  6/23/22 with insights from Mary Perrella, VP of Media and Marketing, from Vengo Labs*

Where's your favorite place? You can see it in your...

Mapping Your Place in the Real World

Interesting things, maps. The ancient Greeks invented cartography, combining art and physical science as understood at the time to create paper maps....

All CPM is Not Equal (Your Target Audience PLACE Matters More)

Cost per Mille (CPM), also called Cost per thousand, is the most common method in digital marketing for pricing web advertisements. Different factors...