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The Four-Step Sequence for Creating a Winning Marketing Mindset

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Inspired by the legendary Dan Kennedy, a resilient mindset is an essential tool in the marketer's toolbox.


The Four-Step Sequence for Creating a Winning Marketing Mindset

We have physical reflexes to physical things. A sudden movement toward you may trigger a flinch. Certain smells may cause you to gag. But what about our mental reflexes? 

Mental reflexes are most noticeable through word association. For example, mention 'failure' and I reflexively think of the last time I really screwed something up. You don't actively stop what you're doing to think about the last time you may have 'failed' but that mental reflex sure likes to remind you.

The most successful marketers have a specific sequence of "positive thoughts" that are trigger by their experiences. Here's that sequence:


1. Things could be worse.

This is where self-awareness and empathy take charge. When we experience hardship, it's easy to put the blinders on and throw a pity party. Here's the bad news about pity parties - you're usually the only one that comes and if someone else does show up, they're typically the same shape and color as a rain cloud. 

Go to the well of times you've faced other challenges and remind yourself that failing today is learning what to do (or not to do) tomorrow.


2. It's my fault.

Take responsibility. If there were a magical clock tower that totaled up all the time spent "blaming other people", we'd realize how much time we're wasting. Taking responsibility allows you to take control of the situation. If you shrug off the responsibility, then you also lose control.


3. There's opportunity in adversity.

Have you ever met that person who seems to make the same mistakes, over and over? They have the same little collection of miserable experiences, typically blame the world for their problems, and never seem to escape the cycle. 

It's a shocking majority of people who get caught in this trap but the successful few find the opportunity that adversity creates. It's really that simple.


4. Decisive action.

Successful marketers do not stay stuck. They plot a course and get to rowing in that direction. They have the confidence to walk away and the willingness to do so quickly.

Sometimes this sequence is a team exercise. Sometimes it happens without you realizing it. But if you're  stuck in your own head, this is a good place to start your escape.


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