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Out-of-the-box ABM

Extend your marketing mix outside the "Facebook/Adwords" box

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Using OOH + AI to Dominate Your Next Conference

What are two of the hottest topics among marketers these days? OOH and AI. Marketing minds want to know how they can take maximum advantage of these trending opportunities to boost reach, engagement and ROI – especially now that in-person conferences and events are back.

If you're making the investment to sponsor a conference, the point isn't to just be there. You want to be everywhere so you can make an impact that sets your brand apart and keeps you top of mind even after everyone goes home.

When you combine OOH and AI, you can dominate your next conference.'s CRO Jeanne Hopkins recently joined Paul Roetzer, founder and CEO at the Marketing AI Institute (MAII), for a wide-ranging discussion about how out-of-home advertising and artificial intelligence team up to help brands create a larger-than-life, oh-so-memorable presence at conferences and events.

OOH can help drive traffic to your booth, your website, or to the event itself. With a turbo-boost from AI, your OOH can target prospects, inspire engagement and deliver data-driven insight into results like never before.

If you haven't already, you'll want to catch the entire webinar because it’s packed with actionable information and creative ideas. Here are a few highlights.

Digital marketing is over-optimized

We’ve all seen the diminishing returns as digital fatigue and overt consumer irritation with online ads have dulled their effectiveness despite increasing CPM costs.

"Your target prospects really don’t want to hear from you very often," Jeanne points out. "But your sales team wants leads."

With 47% of marketers worried they will soon be priced out of paid social, for example, it's no surprise that 97% say they're actively looking for alternatives to online advertising.

OOH has real world appeal

An impressive 94% of marketers believe OOH "surprises and delights" better than any other channel. We know for sure that a lot of marketers are testing out-of-home right now, Jeanne notes, because our lead flow here at is absolutely off the charts.

OOH appeals to marketers and consumers because it has staying power — it doesn't appear and then disappear — and because it drives online engagement in irresistible ways.

Our own campaign testing showed a 4x increase in results when we combined OOH with Facebook ads.

AI adds dimension and lift

AI is already a big part of our lives – sitting in the background and creating personalized, customized experiences everywhere from Netflix and Spotify to Google maps. Paul believes AI will ultimately infuse marketing and business software across the board – the reason MAII is focused on helping marketers seek out and learn to use smarter technology.

Cleverly combining AI and OOH for conference domination

Even as a sponsor, the very nature of conferences and events somewhat limits your ability to really stand out. But the vast majority of attendees say the brands they remember are the ones that provide great experiences. AI-enhanced OOH activates your sponsorship, memorably.

AI turns real world ads into real time ads. Digital screens on taxi toppers or digital billboards can switch messaging to reflect the current weather (or conference-specific messages). Hot outside? The Dunkin ad shows a refreshing cold drink. Snowing? It shows piping-hot coffee.

AI drives one of today's hottest trends – QR codes. Reprise put a code on their branded truck to amplify their presence and increase engagement at a B2B event.

QR code on mobile OOH ad can help you get started

There’s no question that incorporating out-of-home can transform your next conference sponsorship into something fun and unforgettable. But if you're just starting to think about OOH, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

"There are probably a hundred different types of real world advertising," Jeanne points out, from blimps and airplane banners to pizza boxes, transit, a wrapped ice cream truck or billboards and taxi toppers. And all of them have different suppliers – thousands of them.

Marketers simply don't have the bandwidth to tackle à la carte OOH. So OneScreen guides you along. Establishing your goal – supporting a conference, for instance. Deciding on a budget. Those factors point toward the best ways to use different types of real world advertising to drive desired traffic.

AI is with you all the way, from defining demographic and geographic targeting to measuring impressions and online engagement. Watch Jeanne explain how one client mapped their target area and locations within it.

Out-of-home inspires creativity. With an imaginative presence, targeted and powered by artificial intelligence, even a small or startup brand can steal the show.