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What are Painted Walls and are they right for me?

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In advertising, you need to outsmart the noise if you're to grab attention. And when an ad looks more like an art installation rather than a big "buy this" sign, then you have a winner. That's the beauty of painted walls.

Painted mural campaign for AfterpayCampaign painted by Overall Murals for Afterpay

Often hand-painted, painted walls are advertisements affixed directly on building surfaces. They’re creative canvasses that provide endless opportunities to get people talking. These wall murals can appear in different creative shapes and sizes and are custom-built to provide long-term exposure to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Painted walls are prominent where foot-traffic is high and in urbanized markets such as New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Typically contracted for months and sometimes years, painted walls have the power to capture and sustain the essence of your brand over a long period of time.

Painted Walls: For Brands Who Want a Bigger Canvas

Painted walls offer high-impact messaging. Limited only by the size of the façade, these hand-painted billboards help align your marketing outreach with your long-term brand narrative. They help you grab attention in a unique, creative way. And can be just as effective as billboards, considering their potential for going viral.

Commercial murals have a long history – you can find relics of such advertising in almost every city, faded beyond recognition or hidden by architecture. In the digital age, the nostalgic power of hand-painted out-of-home gets people to pay attention. Painted walls offer a chance to connect with the public in the way only art and culture can.

If you want to build brand recognition and increase awareness, painted walls weave in an element of artistry in your marketing that makes your brand hard to ignore. Artwork doesn’t just capture attention; it draws people in and ignites their curiosity. The public wants to appreciate the detail and quality of your artwork up close.

When located in high commuter traffic areas, painted walls can easily become landmarks in a city. Investing in painted walls is a fun way to interact with your audience and create a buzz around your brand.

Painted mural by Beautify artist, Ruben Rojas'Gratitude' painted by Beautify Artist, Ruben Rojas

Instagram and Painted Walls: A Match Made for Clicks

Painted walls have experienced a renaissance over the last few years, and social media has played an enormous part in this. Clever, well-done murals often go viral, giving your brand a tremendous amount of exposure.

People appreciate good art; when executed well, a painted wall can have people lining up just to take pictures with it.

They're big, they're bold, and they're impactful. More importantly, they get people talking.

Painted mural by "Menas"Graffiti Painted Wall by Artist "Menas"

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