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Out-of-the-box ABM

Extend your marketing mix outside the "Facebook/Adwords" box

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What are Posters and are they right for me?

Posters are everywhere, woven into the very fabric of local communities. On surface roads and highways, on top of restaurants downtown, and on the sides of buildings, posters are the "shaking hands and kissing babies" part of your campaign that can really cement a hyperlocal connection.

Smaller in size than billboards, posters are primarily located on major local roads in commercial and industrial areas. These miniature billboards are used to target a specific area within a market. They can be tailored for specific marketing goals as they deliver exposure to local residents and vehicular traffic.

When it comes to poster size and design, the possibilities are endless.

Benefits Of Using Posters As Part Of Your Advertising Mix

Outdoor advertising isn’t just about massive billboards on the side of the road. A perfectly placed poster will stop people in their tracks. Furthermore, the design and display options are limited only by your imagination.

Here’s why the billboard’s little brother should be part of your advertising mix.

1. Highly targeted coverage

Posters provide an opportunity to relate to local communities as they can be tailored to a specific neighborhood or culture. They offer an unmatched opportunity to smartly saturate your brand and align your messaging to a particular audience.

Widely distributed throughout an area, posters offer a powerful way to reach your target demographic. With the right messaging, their local nature makes posters ideal for building brand awareness and relating to the community.

2. Visibility

Posters are hard to ignore, considering you can place them just about anywhere it's legal. In addition, thanks to their size and visual impact, posters are ideal for high-foot traffic areas where they can be noticed by a large number of people.

And the great thing about posters? They have a long shelf life compared to most print marketing materials—and thereby, offer frequent exposure to your target audience.

3. Boost Customer Response

With an engaging message and a compelling call to action, you’re bound to make an impact. Poster campaigns have a long history behind them. They are the workhorses of outdoor advertising, after all.

Whether you want people to call, enter a competition, or use a discount code, posters are an excellent way to encourage an active response. They're incredibly cost-effective, quick to produce, and can spread your brand message to a wide audience.

Build Your Brand with Posters

Are posters right for you? Yes!

Whether you're a small business owner or a large conglomerate, poster marketing delivers a high ROI considering their ability to draw people in and stick in their minds.

Want to find out how to use Posters for your brand?

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