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Out-of-the-box ABM

Extend your marketing mix outside the "Facebook/Adwords" box

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What are Spectaculars and are they right for me?

You want brand fame? Spectaculars are super-sized, high-impact billboards custom-designed to gain maximum attention. Spectaculars are an out-of-home display larger than your typical 14'x48' billboard positioned in prime locations.

Times Square Revlon campaignGlobal broadcast of Blue Origin launch by Branded Cities

These large and elaborate billboards are high-tech installations that captivate and distract all at once. Spectaculars can't help but get noticed. They present a unique opportunity to create a massive impact guaranteed to reach a broad audience outdoors and go viral online.

Spectaculars are a unique and high-profile form of out-of-home advertising erected at locations of mass consumer exposure. Think LA's Sunset Strip, Atlantic City, and New York's Times Square. They're also used in areas with high visibility, such as major highways, expressways, airports, and downtown areas.

Through eye-catching embellishments such as neon tubing, fiber optic effects, video screens, 3D sculpted features, digital graphics, and more, these massive billboards establish your brand as the market leader.

bravo revlonInteractive campaign for Revlon by Bravo Media in Times Square

Broadcast Your Brand

Are Spectaculars right for you? Spectaculars provide incredible branding power — power that makes you memorable. No other medium can turn your brand into a hot topic of conversation faster than or as cost-effectively as a Spectacular.

If you want to build brand recognition and increase awareness, Spectaculars are the option for you. They're larger than life; they're bold, and, more importantly, they demand attention. Spectaculars reinforce your brand messaging and make your brand instantly recognizable to strategically complement your other media exposure.

A Spectacular is your opportunity to do something big and memorable, so go for it. The sheer size of the Spectacular affords you a powerful opportunity to establish yourself as a leading brand. Situated in premium locations, these imposing structures capture and captivate. The upside? Spectaculars generate additional press — and for free.

Located in highly trafficked locations, Spectaculars provide millions of daily impressions per person every day. Because of their design and construction requirements, Spectacular ads are contracted for longer periods providing exceptionally high consumer exposure.  They're grand in size and often seen rising above the clutter. Spectaculars maximize your impact and create a lasting impression.

Jack Daniel's Campaign on the iconic New Tradition Media 1 Times Square Spectacular.

Show, Don't Tell

Want to go viral? Well, Spectaculars can bridge the physical and the digital. These imposing and high-impact structures provide dramatic impact and afford your brand unmatched visibility. Innovative designs are social media treasure troves. Pair a creative design with a strong social sharing factor and watch your Spectacular go viral.

Give your audience a hashtag to use, or an "@" to mention. Better yet, ruffle some feathers. People love participating in social events. And Spectaculars are hard to ignore. They're enormous and extravagant. They command all the attention, giving you a huge opportunity to create brand fame and achieve maximum exposure.

Screenshot-2021-02-03-at-11.13.18"$GME GO BRRR" by TPS Engage💎👐🚀

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