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Out-of-the-box ABM

Extend your marketing mix outside the "Facebook/Adwords" box

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What are Wallscapes and are they right for me?

Want to make a creative impact? Let's talk about wallscapes.

Wallscapes are large murals that are typically painted or plastered to the façade of a building. These larger-than-life canvases command maximum attention and provide high-impact exposure. There's no standard size or format for a wallscape, considering buildings come in all shapes and sizes. Some wallscapes even spill beyond the building covering sidewalks and even parking spaces.

As you can see, wallscapes provide endless opportunities for creative expression. Wallscapes can be affixed to commercial buildings, industrial centers, hotels, or entire city blocks in heavily trafficked areas. They are perfect for penetrating urban centers and getting people talking about your brand and offerings.

Why Choose a Wallscape?

Among the first billboards ever created were wallscapes back when production capabilities hadn't advanced enough to hold large free-standing structures in place. With wallscapes, wind load and structure collapse are of no concern making them some of the most prominent forms of outdoor media in the world. Wallscapes have no size limitations; they have no creative limits.

Wallscapes are visible from a great distance. And considering how much advertisers value sensational sizes, wallscapes are incredibly valuable in addition to being highly profitable. Do you want a long-term impact? Wallscapes offer this and more.

Here's why such big and bold advertisements should be part of your media mix.

1. Little competition

Wallscapes can tower above streets and can be used in areas where other forms of outdoor advertising are otherwise limited, such as business districts and downtown shopping centers.

They're massive, dramatic, and impactful; wallscapes offer your brand the opportunity to become a landmark. With wallscapes, you can provide your audience a unique, eye-catching advertising experience that other OOH media simply cannot capture.

Wallscape for Roman campaignCampaign by Quan Media Group for Roman

2. Social media value

Looking for that viral social media experience? Highly creative wallscapes get people talking and sharing. They even get people traveling to the site just to take pictures with the stunning murals. Wallscapes offer you the chance to enhance your digital marketing initiatives by melding social media with outdoor advertising.

Wallscape for Parade campaignCampaign by Quan Media Group for Parade

Parade Instagram following

3. Exceptional reach and frequency

With a wallscape, you can reach a larger audience on a repeated basis. Wallscapes are inescapable; they command attention, from land to the skies.  They create immediate attention, generate impressions and increase reach.

Wallscapes are a powerful way to stand out.

Wallscape for Fresh Direct campaignCampaign by Quan Media Group for Fresh Direct

Create a More Established Brand Identity with Wallscapes

Wallscapes are the superstars of outdoor advertising. If your marketing campaign needs an eye-catching, high-impact OOH media format, wallscapes can provide the brand experience you deserve.

Want to find a wallscape for your next campaign?

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