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Out-of-the-box ABM

Extend your marketing mix outside the "Facebook/Adwords" box

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What is programmatic OOH?

Even before the pandemic, digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising was becoming a must-have marketing channel for many brands. Now, in 2022, brands and marketers are buzzing about programmatic OOH, too. And if you've heard anything about programmatic, you might be wondering: What’s the difference between DOOH and programmatic OOH?

The key here is understanding that programmatic OOH is a bit of a misnomer. It should really be called programmatic DOOH because it's delivered in a digital format.

Defining programmatic DOOH

Digital OOH is any out-of-home platform that uses a screen display instead of a traditional printed sign. That could be a billboard, bus shelter, mobile LED truck or a venue-based screen (inside a store, for example).

Programmatic DOOH goes further. You might think of it as the upgraded model.

Using deep data and AI, programmatic DOOH allows you to reach, speak to, and interact with your target audience using the same techniques available with DOOH, but in a simpler, more streamlined way.

To be clear, programmatic capabilities cannot be applied to traditional (non-digital) out-of-home inventory because of the technology involved.

"Programmatic" means the process of planning, targeting, buying (or selling), executing and measuring advertising is automated, end to end. Even better, an increasing number of DSPs (demand side platforms), SSPs (supply side platforms) and Ad Exchanges now offer programmatic capability.

Rather than working with multiple disparate vendors to target and display content on their inventory, within their system, buyers can pre-set the parameters for their campaign. Then execution happens automatically based on your specs.

It’s very similar to the process you’d use for online advertising.

And since marketer interest in deploying programmatic DOOH (pDOOH) is growing so fast, media owners across the country are expanding their inventories. In many cities, you can now target a programmatic campaign to virtually any digital OOH screen, anywhere. Or target a network of cities.

What you can do with pDOOH?

  • Change content based on external data such as weather, time of day, the local sports team’s big win or breaking news
  • Deliver different, customized content to different target locations (one ad to an audience at the gym, another ad to drivers on the road)
  • Set ads to turn on or off according to pre-set criteria (again, such as changes in the weather or time of day) and start or pause campaigns as you want — in effect, you’re buying just one impression at a time
  • Tailor planning and activation based on geolocation data as well as demographics and other target-specific criteria
  • Measurement based on first-party and third-party data

Benefits of pDOOH

Programmatic DOOH provides all the benefits of any type of out-of-home advertising:

  • Greater reach and frequency for more impressions

Can’t be blocked, deleted or muted

Compared to DOOH, programmatic DOOH is:

  • Faster
  • More flexible
  • More efficient
  • Can be managed in real time

And because programmatic DOOH is so versatile and precise, brands can really show off their creative side, designing campaigns that:

  • Capture the imagination in new ways
  • Reach targets at the timeliest, most relevant moments, wherever they are out of home

Programmatic capability enables media owners to sell shorter (hourly) ad slot. That makes pDOOH more affordable for brands with smaller budgets while effectively giving owners more inventory to sell.

Thinking about giving programmatic a try?

If you're interested in trying out programmatic DOOH, let us know. We'd be happy to help you run your first campaign on this hot new medium.