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The Ultimate Guide to
QR Code Marketing

QR codes have been here for years — and we think they’re here to stay. Why exactly is that? And why are they suddenly the next big thing in marketing, despite being an older technology (relatively speaking)? Put simply, QR codes can easily be used to connect the digital and physical worlds.

In this playbook, you'll learn:

  • QR code myths & misconceptions
  • How QR codes work
  • Benefits of QR code marketing
  • Goals that QR Codes can accomplish
  • How to implement QR code campaigns

ultimate guide to qr code marketing - playbook cover


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From boosting brand awareness to increasing leads, QR codes can be used to accomplish numerous goals. Download the playbook to learn how.

What people are saying
2020 may have finally brought mass adoption for the QR code, but we are excited to see how this technology and its use cases continue to evolve.

- Christof Jaritz, Vice President,