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How OOH is Measured


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It is easy to see the enormous creative potential of out of home (OOH) advertising. But OOH measurement capabilities are not so apparent. Believe it or not, placements such as car wraps, billboards, baggage claim screens, and more can be measured in similar ways to your digital campaigns. 

OSai OOH experts, Jaclyn Giordano and Christian Garces, teamed up to explain the ways real-world marketing is measured, how it’s reported on, and how some OSai-powered campaigns have measured impact.

Watch the webinar to learn how OOH campaigns are measured!

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Tim is OneScreen.ai's OOH Evangelist and host of OOH Insider, the fastest growing podcast in the out of home advertising industry. Having spent time on both the buy and sell sides of media, Tim understands the demands of brands and advertisers and what each needs to succeed.

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Prashant is Head of Growth at OneScreen.ai, and backed by 20+ years in B2B, high-velocity Marketing and Sales. As an early member of HubSpot's marketing team, he was instrumental in building their growth function. Prashant has served in senior growth roles at SmartBear, Continuum and the Telerik division of Progress. He was VP of Marketing at Codeship and most recently VP of Demand Generation at Camunda.

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Jaclyn Giordano

Jaclyn Giordano is Head of Demand Success and Analytics for OneScreen.ai, the marketplace provider for buying and selling out-of-home (OOH) advertising. When she joined the company in 2021, she began laying the foundation for the Demand Customer Success team that would come online just 30 days later, helping to generate revenue for the fast-growing startup. Previously, she was founder of advertising firm, Grow Mode Marketing for more than five years, turning reactive marketing tactics into predictable growth strategies for clients. She has served in various marketing roles for Star Performance Marketing, CBS Radio, ReachLocal, and Cox Media Group Orlando, among others.

jaclyn giordano

Christian Garces

Christian Garces is Data Manager at OneScreen.ai, the marketplace provider for buying and selling out-of-home (OOH) advertising. He also serves as CEO of inbound marketing agency, Infinite Labs Digital. For more than 10 years, Christian was VP President of Garcesbros, one of Orlando's best media production studios for photography and video. He began his career in digital media at Seminole State College of Florida and later was Media Specialist at Virtual Web Productions.

Christian Garces