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Stand out with out of home (OOH) advertising

Competing in paid search and social channels has become fiercer than ever. Luckily, what’s “old” is new again—The timing has never been better to go outside the traditional mix and add OOH advertising into your campaigns.

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Reach your audience with OOH

Customers today are drowning in a deluge of information from all sides.

Their email inboxes are overflowing, their searches are filled with ads, and the number of promotions is as never-ending as their Instagram feed.

How do you reach an audience that’s learned to ignore ads?

Simple. Stop thinking inside of the usual marketing "box" of PPC, paid social, and SEO; and launch your campaigns in the real world. Grab customers’ attention in unignorable, memorable ways with OOH.

of consumers say they notice their physical surroundings more now than before the pandemic
of consumers could recall a brand or product name from an OOH ad they saw within the past 6 months
of consumers in 2021 made a purchase after seeing an OOH ad

Why marketers are shifting to OOH

92% of marketers plan to spend more on OOH in 2022, according to a survey of 611 marketers. A major reason behind this is reduced ROI from digital ad spend.

Competition and cost in PPC, paid social, and SEO channels is heating up as they become more and more brands' primary marketing channels.

Whether it's from growing consumer digital fatigue or distrust of digital ads, the result is the same:

  • 67% of marketers surveyed said that as they scaled up their spend this year, their ROI returns actually diminished.

For more research on the state of the industry, check out our research-based guide, "Rising Above Digital Fatigue with OOH".

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why marketers are shifting to out of home advertising


We've run a lot of performance acquisition campaigns using traditional media but billboards were a first for us. We've 5x'ed our investment on every single campaign this year because of OneScreen’s advanced targeting and measurement suite.
National Sports Betting App
What I like about OneScreen is the ability to extend the brand narrative to out of home, telling a nice visual story that is connected to the data.
Uprising Foods
Uprising Foods
Thank you for building this business. OOH was by far our best ABM channel, but we literally couldn't buy it because [incumbent] was such an operational sh*t show. We wanted to spend more money. We just couldn't.
rob biederman
Robert Biederman
Chairman & Co-founder, Catalant Technologies
We are excited to work with because they share the same platform-first, focus as we do. Together we help brand clients do more than simply buying media; we use technology to create measured outcomes.
james heller
James Heller

The strengths of OOH advertising

What exactly is it that makes OOH such an effective channel for a digitally exhausted audience?

Here are some benefits to Out of Home advertising you should consider:

  • Unblockable - Unlike digital ads, people can't block them or hit that skip button – they're bound to get noticed, multiple times.
  • Endless Creative Possibilities - Don't let your brand image be restrained by pixels. The sky's the limit with OOH.
  • Increase Authority and Brand "Stickiness" - Being seen on a billboard keeps your brand top of mind and increases your brand authority.

OOH helps your campaigns:

  • Be Seen Where They Need to Be - For example, spreading the word about a paleo ice cream on EV charging stations located outside of an organic grocery store.
  • Be Seen Often - OOH ads feature your brand in the places they are already going, possibly multiple times.

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Benefits of OOH advertising

Real campaigns, real results


Your OOH questions, answered


OOH just means billboards, doesn't it?
While billboards next to highways are still a popular OOH medium, there's really no end to the possibilities. Instead of just being in their way while they're trying to watch a YouTube video, imagine being able to be seen by your customers while they're...
  • …flying across the world: Have your brand spread across murals and wall dioramas, clocks, posters and kiosks at airports.
  • …on their way to class: Be seen on college campuses around the country on display racks, bulletin boards, sponsored TV ads and in college magazines.
  • …inside your customer's favorite store: Shopping carts, store shelves, clocks, audio and checkout counters are great OOH opportunities as are kiosks and wall displays at shopping malls.
  • …watching their favorite team live: At sports arenas and stadiums, there are endless numbers of opportunities to be featured on wall displays, scoreboards and programs, and CCTVs.


OOH campaigns are more expensive, aren't they?

Not so. According to one test we did, by combining OOH with Facebook, you can increase your results by a shocking 85.4%, dollar for dollar. Get the exact playbook we used to do this here.

Ad experience

Don't OOH ads remove interactivity?

With a little out-of-the-box thinking, you can bring your advertising into the real world. For instance, one clever campaign for Hunt a Killer involved having an illustrated female body outline with the client's logo converted to a stencil was plastered across sidewalks. Read more about that campaign here.

Don't people just pass by billboards and ignore them?

According to various studies, most people do pay attention to billboards. Neilson reported that 83% of targets check out billboards some of the time and 40% report that they read the message every single time they pass. Moreover, our own internal research shows that 33% of viewers search for a company after seeing an OOH ad.


Aren't OOH campaigns difficult or impossible to measure?
We've got good news for your friend! You can indeed measure the effect that OOH campaigns have on marketing attributed revenue. According to our research, other options marketers are using include:
  • digital integration
  • promo codes
  • QR codes
  • compare before and after numbers
  • use unique landing pages

You’re in good company

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