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Upgrade Your 2024 Marketing Plans with OOH

We reviewed the data, examined the trends, and consulted the experts. One message rang clear: B2B marketers are treating 2024 as a fresh start. 


Here are nine priorities that modern B2B marketers are focusing on in 2024:

  1. Find the right balance between brand development with demand generation.
  2. Increase revenue (of course) but do it efficiently.
  3. Unite as a revenue team.
  4. Get ahead of the changing role of SEO.
  5. Leverage your data to tell unique stories.
  6. Translate company innovation in a meaningful way.
  7. Prioritize customer love and loyalty.
  8. Fill the gaps left by declining digital channels.
  9. Oh yeah... and figure out how to harness AI.

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How Can Marketers Do It?

We cover these in length in our latest blog post - but using the right strategies, marketers can tackle many of these goals at the same time. Out-of-home (OOH) is a strong strategic choice for modern marketers to leverage in 2024 for a few reasons: it can be used across the whole buyer journey, it can be measured with precision, and it can break through digital fatigue. But not your Grandma's OOH - we're talking about OOH 2.0. Innovative, precision-targeted campaigns that deliver powerful results. 

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