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The ROI of OOH

Learn why OOH is ad spend you can brag to Finance about

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Cozy Earth Gets Comfortable with OOH

Cozy Earth is a high-end online retailer that specializes in luxury bed and bath linens and loungewear for women and men. Their unique fabrics are known for their exceptional softness and ability to regulate sleeping temperature. Customers (including Oprah Winfrey) just love the company’s products.

Cozy Earth - DTC retailer reaches new audience with OOH

Cozy Earth Wants More Delighted Customers

In order to grow and thrive, the company knew it needed more than online ads and celebrity endorsements to spread the word. So they looked to broaden marketing, strategically targeting their niche customer demographic in key cities.

As with many growing companies, their goals were two-fold:

  1. To increase Cozy Earth brand awareness — and recall — among the “Affluent Estates” category. These are customers who lead an affluent and urbane lifestyle and follow the latest home trends.
  2. To increase sales.  

Although their products are strictly at-home goods, Cozy Earth knows their customers spend far more time out of home these days, and that out-of-home advertising could be a great way to reach them.

Salt Lake City residents saw that they could sleep better with Cozy Earth

Enticing New Interest with OOH

Cozy Earth turned to for help in crafting an OOH campaign that could boost both brand awareness and sales.

They chose the Salt Lake City DMA, and used a combination of geographic and demographic criteria to target five areas within the DMA:

  •         Salt Lake City
  •         South Salt Lake
  •         Draper
  •         Murray
  •         Cottonwood Heights

The campaign ran for eight weeks, from April 25 to June 19, 2022. Ads appeared on 10 billboards — nine digital units plus one static bulletin.

And the content? When you can legitimately claim your brand is “Oprah’s favorite,” that’s an endorsement worth touting!

Cozy Earth - OOH campaign spotlight

The look was soft and simple, reflecting Cozy Earth’s emphasis on comfort.

Down-to-Earth Results for Cozy Earth

To track and measure campaign results, the campaign incorporated Facebook’s Pixel code. Running in the background, this code facilitates data collection and conversion tracking to optimize Facebook advertising, among other things.

We used Pixel data to compare Cozy Earth’s website activity generated by campaign billboard exposure versus website traffic from those with similar geographical and behavioral characteristics who were not exposed to the billboards.

Campaign results clearly show OOH, an offline channel, drives online activity — in this case through new users who converted on the website.

Let’s break that down.

We compared data from the 8-week campaign to the 8-week period just prior to the campaign’s start, during which OOH was not included (February 28 – April 24, 2022). For the OOH channel campaign:  

  • Direct, organic and search traffic all showed significant increases in driving new users to the Cozy Earth website
  • Direct traffic increased goal completion by 38%
  • Search traffic increased goal completion by 35%

In addition, Cozy Earth saw a 75% increase in brand search traffic during the campaign period, compared to the previous year.

(Note: the lift provided by OOH ads increases over time, as exposure to the OOH ads increases.)

DTC brand, Cozy Earth, using out of home advertising

ROI That’ll Have You Sleeping Like a Baby

Whether you're marketing high-end goods to a niche audience or promoting products or services with broad appeal, OOH can significantly enhance brand recall and generate greater traffic and sales. In fact, in our recent survey, “The ROI of OOH Advertising,” many marketers told us that OOH literally pays for itself.

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