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Out-of-the-box ABM

Extend your marketing mix outside the "Facebook/Adwords" box

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Promote Political Fundraising and Events with OOH

Out-of-home advertising is a winner when it comes to achieving election campaign goals, from broadly building awareness to reaching out to specific types of voters with targeted messaging. But a winning campaign also needs money — lots of it. And you need people — lots of them — to volunteer and to pack your events with cheering supporters.

Fundraising is the foundation of your campaign. Modern political managers have increasingly looked to social platforms like Facebook to raise money, with outstanding results. Facebook's parent Meta now has an entire best practices structure campaigns can use to reach out to supporters and donors.

Out-of-home raises fundraising to a new level

Adding OOH to social media campaigns dramatically boosts reach, so you can use OOH + social promotions specifically to attract more contributions. Seeing your out-of-home fundraising messages also reinforces donation campaigns based on phone, email and text contacts.

You can also include "donate now" as a call to action with other OOH static and digital content to continually remind supporters that contributions fund your candidacy and the positions you support.

And you can use OOH to spread the word about fundraising events to boost attendance from well-heeled supporters.

Nothing builds momentum like in-person events


All that excitement, camaraderie, dancing around and — oh, yeah — the candidate live in person or on the big screen talking right to you. Campaigns host smaller events, too, and your candidate (or their designated representatives) attend plenty of other types of gatherings.

You can place location-targeted out-of-home ads (posters, a sandwich board, a mobile LED truck or wrapped vehicle, for example) to highlight your candidate’s presence at events sponsored by someone else, whether it’s a League of Women’s Voters debate, a speaking engagement at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon, or a union member gathering.

But out-of-home is also a great way to promote your own events, especially when integrated as part of an omnichannel effort.



Big events call for billboards, to announce the upcoming event to the general public to build interest and attendance.

Billboards also serve as event reminders for everyone who has seen your social media posts, emails, text or personal invitations, keeping the date top-of-mind.

Note the date and location on your OOH ads, but skip details such as time to avoid cluttering your design.

Geo-targeted placements

Positioning OOH ads within a predetermined radius of the event venue serve to promote and remind.

Posters, transit shelters, benches and other street furniture are typically stationary, so it’s easy for viewers to stop and interact with them. Give them a QR code or web address to get more information or register for your event.

Once they respond you'll be able to follow up, re-targeting them with reminders about the event and also other campaign-related information.

Place-based OOH

Digital OOH ads reinforce your event marketing at indoor locations around the venue. They also work well in more general locations such as the local cinema, shopping areas and grocery stores with high foot traffic.

If your event is centered on a specific topic – healthcare, let's say – contextual targeting puts your ads in front of those most likely to be interested. That could be in medical office waiting areas, pharmacies or fitness centers.

Once again, be sure to include a call to action viewers can use right away to learn more. Or ask them to text I'LL BE THERE to 54321 to sign up for reminders as the date nears.

One major advantage of DOOH is its ability to change as quickly as a chameleon. You can update your messaging as the event gets closer, announcing new co-speakers or other tidbits, or simply counting down to the Big Day.

Campaign events are staged to:

  • Literally rally your troops of volunteers
  • Inform voters
  • Introduce and personalize the candidate
  • Help publicize the campaign
  • And, of course, raise money

Your target audience and event goal will determine the scope and content for advertising. However, incorporating out-of-home with other digital and offline channels will ensure no one misses out on the opportunity to attend.

Don't forget to share the experience

Take lots of photos and video at your event and encourage attendees to do that, too. Sharable visuals extend the value of your event and provide a potential wealth of future marketing materials.

Out-of-home can do so much more to boost your campaign than raising money and event attendance. Our free political advertising playbook collection has the tools you need right now for a successful journey to Election Day.