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9 Types of Conference Attendees. Which One Are You?

At we've been thinking a lot lately about conferences. Why are we all so excited to return to in-person events like these? The answer is obvious — it's the people! Yes, you go there to learn, but you could do that virtually. It's the one-on-one interactions, the professional networking and the general sense of camaraderie that virtual sessions just can't duplicate.

What, you might ask, does this have to do with out of home advertising?

If you're sponsoring an upcoming conference – or investing in an exhibitor booth -- there are myriad ways traditional and digital OOH can elevate your presence and attendee engagement in and around the event. (We wrote the book on it — the Conference Domination Playbook — you can grab your own copy here.)  But you can kick your domination strategy up a notch by choosing OOH tactics that zero in on specific sub-groups of attendees — the folks you most want to meet.  

Which attendees do you want to reach with OOH?

Your type of business and reasons for sponsoring or exhibiting will determine your targets within the population of attendees (maybe presenters and vendors as well). A few years ago our friends at HubSpot wrote a fun article describing the different types of people who attend conferences . . . let’s see how OOH can help you can connect with them and make a lasting impression.

The Networker, wants to meet smart people

Create a unique conference hashtag and feature it on all your OOH placements, from airport welcome signs to billboards along the route to the venue to posters surrounding the venue and inside as well. Use it to engage with followers and attendees before and during the event. That's pretty smart!

The Sponge, wants to learn as much as possible

Hand out branded flash drives with videos that detail your products or services. Install a wrapped kiosk at your booth or in another prominent location, for easy any-time access to your website, etc.

The Innovator, looking for inspiration

Hey, there's your wrapped vehicle or LED truck, posing in its own selfie space! So much more cool than the other sponsors’ tired photo-with-our Facebook-ad idea.

The Collector, feeding their need to stockpile maximum swag

Surprise and impress them with a giveaway they'll actually want and use. A digital coupon will make your brand memorable and it won't weigh down their bag of the usual boring stuff.

The Job Seeker, on the hunt for a new gig

Are you a Great Place to Work? Flaunt it, with links to learn about openings at your company and see a video on your culture. Every company is hiring at some point, and reputation is critical to attract the best talent. Every move you make, including your smart and smart-looking OOH design, speaks volumes about your brand.

The Blogger, gathering content material

They'll be writing about your brand once they see you've decked out your booth to match your street-side OOH ads – why, it looks just like your branded bus shelter and benches. And is that a miniature version of your wrapped transit bus?

The Spy, sussing out the competition

Fellow sponsors and exhibitors can fall into this category. Beat them at their own game with clever outdoor and indoor ads that confirm you are way ahead of the pack.

The Salesperson, looking to score

As a sponsor, this is obviously one of your goals, too, whether you close sales onsite or generate hot leads to pursue later. Post a QR code at your booth and on wild postings around the venue that attendees can scan to watch a video about your latest product or service or receive your conference-only discounted price. 

The Partier, who just wants to have fun

These social butterflies are there to hang out with old and new friends and take in the free food and entertainment. True for all of us, to some degree, right? Schedule digital OOH messages that display in the venue's bar. Or host a lounge at the airport to welcome conference attendees as they arrive.  

Whatever your conference goals, using OOH will make a big, branded splash with attendees, giving them a more memorable and, frankly, more entertaining experience. Don't forget to follow up while your brand is top of mind!

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