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8 Cool OOH Ideas to Make A Splash This Summer

The team at have been enjoying a little taste of summer weather.

The days are getting longer, baseball season has begun, and we’re daydreaming about sipping on a cool beverage in a warm location. 

It’s also brought some excitement into our work lives, because summer inventory is really fun! People are coming out of their shells and going outside in the physical world. They’re traveling, taking time off, and making memories with friends and loved ones. We’re working with clients to find super creative and surprising ways to connect with their consumers while they’re out and about in the dog days of summer.

Here are 8 of the team's favorite out-of-home placements for summer marketing campaigns.  


1. Hamptons LED Digital Spectacular

These two digital billboards on the sides of the highway that brings New Yorkers to and from the Hamptons are guaranteed to capture attention. “When I first saw this inventory my jaw dropped. The opportunities for custom creative and messaging are endless,”  said Greg Wise,'s' Co-Founder and CCO.

2. Fully Wrapped Jitney Bus

Here's a classic quote, if you know you know... “The Hamptons Jitney is just like the bus to summer camp, except instead of singing songs everyone talks on their cell phones.” If only Carrie Bradshaw could see the Jitney now - she'd have it wrapped in custom creative by Manolo Blanik.  

3. Digital Out-of-Home Boat

Imagine a packed beach on a beautiful day. How can you capture the crowds undivided attention? These DOOH screens on boats are a show stopper. “This is the coolest placement - it would be so perfect  for  companies in the travel and leisure industry, summer beauty products, or CPG brands that center around being outdoors - I just think about laying on a beach relaxing and daydreaming about my next vacation,” shared our account executive Hannah Leary. “It could also be powerful for local restaurants or breweries trying to capture the attention of beachgoers looking for a place to end their day with a nice meal out of the sun.”

4. Blimp or Aerial Banner Circling an Event

No matter your age or how sophisticated you are, it’s hard not to do double take when you see a blimp. This brings back happy summer memories for much of the team. As a kid it was so exciting to see a blimp light up the sky at a fair or a baseball game! 

image (23)

5. Circuit Rides

Circuit is an electrical shuttle company becoming popular in many popular summer destinations like Ft. Lauderdale FL, Dallas TX, Montauk NY and more. These open-air, climate-friendly vehicles give passengers a fun ride around the city - and can be fully wrapped with your brand details. If travelers and tourists are on your target account list, this could be a perfect fit. 

6. LED Trucks at Music Festivals or on College Campuses

Summer music festivals and late summer college orientation events draw droves of Gen Z consumers. We worked with Julie on this memorable and impactful campaign last summer to reach college students in Austin, TX.“To captivate students attending Rush week activities last August, Julie scattered eye-catching creative and powerful messaging across college campuses," recalled Greg Wise. “This included wrapped cars, LED trucks and street stencils that led students right to the door of the retailer that sold their products."

7. Wrapped Cars At Sporting Events 

Baseball is America’s pastime and the perfect place to catch a huge number of eyeballs outside in the summer. A great example is this wrapped car campaign we ran for BetMGM at the All-Star game a few years back. A whole fleet of branded vehicles circled the baseball stadium, exposing BetMGM's brand to fans of all teams.

8. Wrapped Ice Cream Truck

What's a sweeter strategy than serving your ad up with some ice cream?! The team is passionate about our sweet treats - so much so that one of our recent all-hands meetings erupted into a passionate debate about ice cream vs. milkshakes. If you can serve your customers some custom messaging topped with sprinkles, you're going to leave a lasting impression. We love this example from RCN. 


Add Some Chill OOH Activations to Your Summer Marketing Strategy

Are you interested in adding a little bit of spice to your summer marketing program? Our team can help you build a strategy to reach your precise target audience using creative activations like these (and many others).  Adding out-of-home can increase the reach and effectiveness of the marketing activities you've already got planned this summer.

What makes different?

  • Our unmatched inventory:’s proprietary, comprehensive database gives marketers access to every single out-of-home format and vendor in North America. 
  • Our data-drieven approach: Diverse data sources and our Persona Builder tool help us precisely identify and locate your target audience.
  • Our geofencing technology: We can precisely analyze audience movement to select the best inventory for your campaign goals. 

Get in touch with us to learn more about how OOH can close the gaps in your marketing strategy this summer. Then you and your team can kick back and relax on the beach too!

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