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How American Red Cross Lifted Sponsor Conversions 26% with OOH

Read how the American Red Cross lifted conversions in just 8 weeks with OOH.

Donated blood saves lives. According to the American Red Cross (ARC), someone in the US needs blood every 2 seconds. Just one pint can save three lives. They should know, since ARC supplies 40% of the nation’s blood.

However, replenishing that supply is a constant challenge, one that requires ongoing efforts to increase awareness and solicit donations.

People "just don't think about it"

Only 37% of Americans are even eligible to donate blood, and only a tenth of them actually do so. Shockingly, many non-donors say they never give it a thought. Facing the worst blood shortage in over a decade, there was an urgent need to get the word out.

The American Red Cross knew they needed to infuse fresh blood into their marketing to attract more donors — especially corporate sponsorships. Corporate sponsors provide financial support, but they also serve as key community resources, hosting blood drives at their places of business. A typical event can attract 50 or more blood donors.

In particular, the ARC wanted to target those highly desirable corporate sponsor accounts in and around Phoenix, AZ.

Since there's nothing fresher in the world of marketing than out-of-home, they wondered — could they use OOH to successfully reach their target audience out in the real world? They decided to give it a try.

Taking Action with OOH

ARC turned to for help launching their first-ever OOH campaign. Using intelligent audience data and place-based ranking (PlaceRankTM), they created and executed an 8-week campaign designed to dominate the greater Phoenix landscape.

They chose 17 strategic locations and used a combination of billboard-style media to tell their story — 2 static bulletins, 5 static posters and 10 digital posters.


Results that Can Literally Save More Lives

Talk about lift! The ARC's Phoenix OOH campaign generated 22M impressions. During the campaign, web traffic from people exposed to the OOH ads rose a decisive 148%. Those who had seen an ad were also more likely to take action after visiting the site than people who did not see an ad.

That fresh influx of interest was good news, but the best result was the 26% boost in conversions that resulted from the campaign.

OOH Offers a Fresh Approach for Account-Based Marketers

Want to learn more about how OOH and ABM are combining forces to boost awareness and drive more conversions? We’ve created a playbook on how to incorporate OOH in your account-based marketing.

Download the Playbook