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Out-of-the-box ABM

Extend your marketing mix outside the "Facebook/Adwords" box

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How Reprise Dominated B2BMX with their OOH Campaign

Let's face it. When it comes to networking, bringing like-minded people together, and creating a memorable experience — all while delivering valuable keynotes and content, few experiences can match the in-person conference.

Now in 2022, in-person conferences are back and in a big way. With it comes the fierce competition between sponsors and exhibitors to be front of mind for attendees. Standing out at a conference isn’t as easy as just showing up.

The hearts and minds (and attention) of attendees are a valuable prize to compete for. According to our statistics on conference attendees, 84% of attendees leave an event with a more positive impression of the organization, brand, products, or services that were promoted.

That's why Reprise turned to to coordinate their Out of Home advertising efforts at B2BMX in March of 2022.

Reprise B2BMX 2022 Campaign - Mobile LED Truck

Reprise wasn't just at the conference, they surrounded it.

Reprise is a platform that allows users to easily create no-code custom demos and tours. Since most sales or marketing teams do not have the dedicated engineering resources to create (or maintain!) a specialized demo version of the product, Reprise helps them design targeted demos for industry verticals and more with no engineering lift required.

With B2BMX's focus on gathering and educating ABM teams across the world (many of whom have a SaaS model or platform) the conference's attendees couldn't be a better fit for Reprise.

In their play to engage these great-fit conference-goers, Reprise decided against just having their logo in a program or a banner. Instead, they ran OOH ads at airport baggage claim, had an LED truck circle the conference center, and placed ads within ride-sharing cars using Octopus, an advertising service.

In conjunction with their presence at the event, this meant Reprise's brand was seen everywhere attendees turned, making for a dynamic impact on those valuable hearts and minds.

Reprise B2BMX 2022 Campaign - baggage claim digital signage Gave Reprise the Key to Conference Domination

Despite the fact that B2BMX wasn't even their conference, Reprise had a commanding presence.

They most likely had eyes on their brand from most if not all conference attendees because of their strategy of being part of the whole experience of the conference (traveling to as well as in and around the venue) and not just having a static presence.

Try a campaign like this at your next industry conference

No matter your goal, whether that's driving traffic to your booth, your website, or to drive people to the event itself, OOH campaigns can give your brand a dynamic presence that goes beyond noisy, digital channels and stand out in memorable ways.

Interested in learning exactly how organizations like Reprise organized this campaign? Find out in our Conference Domination Playbook where you'll get a step-by guide.

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