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QR Codes Are Positively, Absolutely Back - And On The Rise

Back in December of 2020, we noticed an uptick of QR code usage, pretty much everywhere – which made us ask, Are QR Codes Making a Comeback? Now that the numbers are officially in, we can say with confidence that the comeback game for QR codes is strong, and continuing to rise.

A chart from Insider Intelligence display US Smartphone QR Code Scanners, 2019-2025, comparing the millions of smartphone QR code scanners in the US with the percentage change.


A study by Insider Intelligence recently reported that QR code usage jumped by nearly 25 percent

 in 2020 and is continuing to climb. It’s expected that there will be 99.5 million adults using QR codes in the US alone by 2025.

There are a few reasons for this growth of what previously looked like outdated tech. First, the pandemic helped foster widespread QR code adoption in 2020 as more businesses began leaning into QR codes as a contactless way to support their customers. And as smart phones become, well, smarter, it’s even easier for users to access QR codes without needing a special app on their phone.

As consumers become more accustomed to scanning QR codes, marketers can get even more creative and follow user trends to capture meaningful results by including QR codes in campaigns. Anywhere your consumers have their phone in hand is an opportunity to leverage and convert your audience’s attention in real-time with smart place-based marketing.

Will you be the next to take advantage of this growing trend? Learn how to use QR codes to capture meaningful micro-moments in our Free QR Code Marketing Playbook.