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How to Approach Getting Started with OOH

It's impossible not to have noticed how out-of-home advertising is flourishing — especially if you're a brand or marketer determined to stay au courant and relevant with your target audience. The truth is, OOH is dominating the scene these days, now that the scene is virtually everywhere out in the real world.

Clearly, you need to add OOH to your marketing mix if you haven't already done so. But where to start? That can feel overwhelming, we know, but our mission here at is to make things easier for you, whether you're a media buyer or a media owner/seller.

So here are some key things to think about as you get ready to make your splash with OOH.

1. Learn the lingo

No one loves jargon, but knowing some of the fundamental OOH marketing terms will help you understand the information you’re learning and help you make savvy design, content and placement decisions.

2. Get to know your inventory options

Be prepared to be wowed, because the world of OOH is far greater in scope than what you get with other channels. All that media variation means options, and that means superior ability to fine-tune your targeting — not only with demographic criteria but with geo- and place-based targeting, indoors or out.

That's right, OOH is all about location, location, location. Traditional and digital OOH allow you to reach audiences who are driving, walking by or standing or sitting nearby. You can fly by them or sail by them or take your message on the road with mobile OOH.

Many inventory options offer extended dwell times that are perfect for hands-on interaction.

All this makes out-of-home uniquely customizable. You can pick and choose OOH/DOOH media as your primary advertising placements for massive branding or startup campaigns or blend them into multi-channel campaigns to achieve exponential lift and messaging reinforcement.

3. Consider content best practices

For more than two decades, marketers have adhered to the maxim that content is king. You might say that, with out-of-home, creativity is the king of content. With so many OOH and DOOH inventory choices, you can blend wow-worthy design with relevant messaging no matter your campaign goal.

But keep in mind that less is more. Simple, concise content is most effective. It's more eye-catching and it's easier to remember.

What resonates best with audiences? Contextually relevant messaging that speaks to them in the micro-moment as they go about their daily routine, in the car or on the train, at the gym, the store, the gas station or the doctor's office.

You can even have fun and boost impact with content that changes according to the weather or time of day.

4. Learn about ways to purchase

This is the part that often feels most overwhelming to marketers new to OOH. As noted earlier, knowing the terminology will help you understand how these ads are bought and placed. In a nutshell, you can purchase ad space on your own, competing with other brands in a similar way to online advertising.

Or you can use a DSP (demand-side platform) that aggregates advertising opportunities and streamlines the buying process via automation.

Really, though, all you need to know is We may be a bit biased, but we created our unique, comprehensive one-stop marketplace specifically to bring buyers and sellers together. So our free platform makes it easy to find the vendors and media you need for your campaign.

5. Start small

Naturally you want your OOH debut to be a hit, so tackle a campaign of modest size to begin with. You may have visions of your brand in lights in Times Square, but there's an optimal time and place for everything.

Become an ongoing student of OOH

This is an industry that is rapidly evolving. One great way to get up to speed and keep your OOH momentum going strong is to watch our free webinar, "How to Launch Your First OOH Campaign." It's available to any time, on-demand - you can watch here.

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