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Is Audience-Based Selling Part of Your Billboard Sales Playbook?

"The cost of online advertising is higher than ever before."

That's the word from Chief Strategist Tim Rowe — and every marketer out there knows how right he is. With marketers also struggling to overcome increasing privacy laws and growing consumer ennui with digital ads, Tim says we can expect costs associated with online ads to keep going up.

As marketers search for more effective alternatives to acquire customers, Tim sees them turning to billboards. Out-of-home is fresh again, and billboards are attracting more first-time users than ever. Google Trends reports searches for "billboards near me" are growing month over month.

Cashing in on new interest

With online advertising losing favor, Tim says "there's an opportunity right now for local billboard sellers to capitalize on the 285 billion — that's billion with a B — bubble that's about to pop."

That money will come into play over the next 12 to 18 months.

As an experienced digital and OOH marketer with millions of dollars in buys under his belt across a full array of media, Tim knows first-hand what matters to marketers:

  1. Getting more of the best customers to shop more frequently and spend more money
  2. Attract more customers just like the best ones

We all understand, anecdotally at least, that billboards can also be targeted — "take the next exit to eat at Joe's."  But media buyers want proof. Data. Facebook facilitated that with detailed targeting that could direct online ads to most-desired consumers.

Data-driven targeting sells billboards, too

With audience-based selling, media owners can use directly relevant data to show customers how your billboards connect with their audience to accomplish marketing goals.

Here's how audience-based selling works

Using audience data to sell billboards is easier than ever with Audience Insight Reports (AIR). AIR leverage our PLACERANK™ technology to identify which billboard locations will best reach your customer's target audience.

AIR give you presentation-ready PDFs that highlight audience demographics, recommended billboards (as well as which billboards NOT to buy), and detailed information on each asset.

Including heat maps that use a spectrum of colors from cool pastels to intense oranges and reds to show customer concentrations.

Audience Insight Reports (AIR) heat map

But, here's the best part

The heat map overlays a map of your billboard inventory. Customers can easily see which locations will deliver best results for them. 

Media owners know billboards are great for targeted messages. Audience-based selling and Audience Insight Reports makes it easier to demonstrate that value to customers and enable customers to choose the most valuable locations to achieve their marketing goals.

So easy. So effective.

Learn more about audience-based selling. Watch Tim's entire video here.