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Out-of-the-box ABM

Extend your marketing mix outside the "Facebook/Adwords" box

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Top 5 OOH Campaigns of 2021

2021 was the year of the rebound for everything in Out-of-Home advertising.

In fact, according to Statista, outdoor advertising spend in North America amounted to almost 9 billion dollars and is expected to keep growing through 2024 to over 11 billion dollars. In a world where traditional advertising dollars keep diminishing, outdoor advertising is not only growing, its outpacing projections.

Check out our top 5 Out-of-home marketing campaigns that delivered a real-world brand experience, with intelligent targeting and premium ROI data points. Let’s dive in.

Jock MKT:

Daily fantasy sports stock exchange

There’s a New King in Town. Jock MKT’s new live trading game for daily fantasy sports gives betting fans a new way to play with their jock. With gutsy call to actions and high contrasting visuals, sports fans in Boston couldn’t miss these cheeky transit postings. Utilizing four subway trains, the high-dwell time on transit allowed the brand to tell its story in an original, eye-catching way.


Hunt A Killer:

Murder Mystery games

We love an edgy, bold and daring outdoor advertising idea. Instead of using traditional OOH options, Hunt A Killer executed a strategic street-level campaign in Austin, TX to speak directly to the thriller enthusiast as they moved through the real world. Utilizing wrapped buses, expanded one sheets and sidewalk stencils, it was impossible to miss this multi-media outdoor advertising experience.

HAK blog video

Uprising Foods:

healthy super foods

How do you get people to take notice of a food revolution? With OOH of course. Uprising Foods utilized account specific geo-targeted static and digital billboards, along with branded trucks in the Detroit market to get the population salivating for their healthy choice chips. Drivers were equipped with ridiculously yummy nacho recipes to hand out to first-time shoppers. This multi-media OOH campaign started a chip revolution sweeping the nation. Let the liberation begin.



full funnel growth platform

How to take America’s top markets by storm? With outdoor advertising of course. In celebration of its Series B fundraising announcement, Reprise executed a multi-market OOH campaign in San Francisco, New York and Boston that was impossible to ignore. They dominated the markets with static and digital billboards, wallscapes, transit shelters, digital spectaculars, airport video walls, kiosks, taxi tops and more to capture the attention of sales and marketing professionals ready to learn more. Their $62 million fundraising celebration paid off in a big way. Not only did they rally the team to celebrate in front of their billboard, they added a  200% increase in new website visits and quadrupled demo conversions confirming the full power of outdoor advertising delivered as promised.

reprise email videoreprise email video-2


First workplace built for sales.

When thinking of classic, iconic billboard placements, this is the best way we’ve seen it done (via Scratchpad). The reason why? Creative. It was executed by the exact playbook of what outdoor marketing should look like. Witty copy, stand-out colors, along with minimal graphics makes this campaign creative gold. No matter how great the billboard location is, if your creative is off, the campaign will underperform.

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